back to article Change Healthcare registers pulse after crippling ransomware attack

Change Healthcare has taken the first steps toward a full recovery from the ransomware attack in February by bringing its electronic prescription services back online. The Tennessee-based healthcare tech biz said on Thursday it had started to make the Rx Connect, Rx Edit, and Rx Assist services live again, and that "electronic …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PLEASE--we need some reporting here

    Dear El' Reg,

    This incident is a primary example of why we need a free & robust press. My company has a dependence on Change Healthcare, and to date, we have not received or observed any of the following:

    1) A statement that they believe that their systems are now clear of the intrusion.

    2) A statement revealing about how their systems were compromised.

    3) Any indication of the nature of the records that were exfiltrated.

    Nevermind a post-mortem or RCA.

    In fact, UHC has stopped updating the status page for the incident. It is redirecting to a page that someone without background information might entirely miss the fact that there was an actual compromise of data.

    We DESPERATELY need the press (that would be you) to hold UHC's feet to the fire on this. Summarizing press releases is not reporting.

  2. shazapont
    IT Angle

    The clue is in the name

    Unfortunately. Time to change, and publicise reports like this.

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