back to article Logitech MX Brio 705 – where Ultra HD meets Ultra AI

Logitech has marched back into the webcam world with the MX Brio, an Ultra HD device sprinkled with copious AI. But is it worth $199.99? The PC peripherals maker sent an MX Brio 705 for Business to Vulture Central, and first impressions are good. It is a sturdily built device that clips on top of a monitor. It'll run at 4K …

  1. Tubz Silver badge

    Logitech G Hub software - no thanks, from experience it's buggy crap !

  2. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge

    Does it work fuss-free under Linux?

    1. Gedvondur

      Does anything?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Oh yeah, $10 Chinese standard usb-class, driver-less, webcams work excellent for web conferences and work with any piece of software, No more Logitech or brands cams that need drivers and then don't work anymore after an OS upgrade, ever again.

        1. sebacoustic

          Also my web cam already offers 100% absolute face visibility, I consider this the absolute baseline functionality of *any* web cam.

          Calling BS on this gem:

          > Logitech said: "With MX Brio, users experience 2x better face visibility

  3. IanRS


    What is the point of a 4K business-focused webcam? If you are talking to a network-distant person whatever conference software you are using will reduce you to a low resolution blob, and if they are within a high-bandwidth low-latency connection distance, then you might as well walk across the office and visit them. I'll stick with one costing no more than a quarter of what this one does.

    1. abend0c4 Silver badge

      Re: 4K?

      That's a very good question. My consumer-grade Panasonic G90 camera generates 100Mbit/sec at 4K and pro-models can easily produce double that.

      On the other hand a lot of action cameras and photographic cameras can now be used as webcams (usually at 1080p, which I'd have said was a practical limit for videoconferencing on general purpose networks) out of the box, are not that dissimilar in price, and have additional uses.

      Difficult to see there's more than a niche market.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 4K?

      Like you, I don't think there's much need for a 4K webcam for the "20 people in a virtual meeting room going over a Powerpoint of the Q2 results" type of business. My guess is that it's more aimed at the "one person in a room streaming on a specialist site for the entertainment of others" type of business. I've heard that sort of thing is quite popular. Twitch, for example. You can probably think of others.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: 4K?

        A couple of people I know are in the "online entertainment" industry, they mostly use Sony A or ZV series cameras, but I'm sure this would make a cost effective alternative...

      2. Francis Boyle

        I can't help thinking

        that in some of those types of applications face tracking software would be a definite disadvantage.

    3. that one in the corner Silver badge

      Re: 4K?

      One good use of a higher res camera, especially attached to a (relatively) fixed location: you can clip to a small region of interest and still get a reasonable result for your viewers. You may need to run some extra software (e.g. OBS) if the Logitech stuff isn't up to the job.

      Using an ROI is good for cutting out the wide angle shot that includes the window, the annoying coworker, the stoopid "motivational" poster. Or, when using it for "old fashioned"[1] sharing of sketches, just that bit of your desk.

      And, if even the ROI is a bit large, it can always be shrunk down before going on the wire.

      [1] no idea why sharing an image of a sketch is so derided - no matter how much colab software you are running, doodling on paper is still going to be a lot faster, easier and with generally better results for the majority of people than trying to whip up something in Inkscape or the equivalent.

    4. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: 4K?

      4K is so that manager can see satan's dandruff falling off one's nose.

    5. Japhy Ryder

      Re: 4K?

      Hmmm ... you may be underthinking this...

      Higher quality cameras will result in better images even when downrezzed, all else being equal

      Conferencing video codecs are pretty clever these days

      There are a lot of different working environments - I can still save anything up to an hour over a "walk across the office" by delegating that to our high-speed, low latency campus network.

      Even at the home office, (4g wireless broadband 70/25 Mbps), the video and audio quality is still noticeably differentiated

      Also at home, we have no aerial, no landline and no trouble streaming 4K in a semi-rural environment

      Back in the days when we were all on-campus, team meetings could easily generate 20-30 mins of faff/overhead even with a meeting room on the same corridor as all our offices

      Guest speakers are a breeze

      Online support is a breeze

      I have an HD webcam on top of my desktop monitor and a 4K cam on my laptop. The built in cam on the laptop is a POS and my regular meetees can tell the difference between all these setups both in audio and video quality.

      You don't need a whole other setup to make high quality video lectures/presentations (you can switch the lights on and select the pro-grade mic for a little extra when needed). These can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or our in-house video portal according to purpose.

      The world is your oyster...

      In non-work contexts, people are really quite up to speed with Teams and Zoom

      Network reliability is somewhat better than transport reliability and miles cheaper (a month's connectivity is approximately 2 days on site)

      YMMV but there are lots of wins to be had :-)

    6. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: 4K?

      Face tracking is typically dynamic crop. The extra pixels eliminate a motorized gimbal.

    7. druck Silver badge

      Re: 4K?

      At my last place we made video conferencing systems and although we experimented with 4K, its still some time away, not everyone is using Full HD yet.

      We did by a 4K Brio, and pointed it at our 5x5 screen video wall to capture output of tests, and it worked great for that. It was attached to a Raspberry Pi 4B, and a small Python program gave the correct runes to ffmpeg to capture single frames or videos, do keystone correction (as the camera was in the ceiling looking down), crop out the screen(s) of interest and caption with a timestamp.

  4. Luiz Abdala


    I bought a camera from Logitech eons ago, unrelated to this model. (quickcam pro 9000)

    The driver installation was abysmal, the sofware side of the thing crashed often and hard. It also had the auto-framing and face-tracking, placing a velociraptor over your face like a vtuber thing.

    The icing on the cake happened when I just plugged it on a playstation 3, of all things, and the console just played it like it was native. I think it was developed for Unix or Linux, not Windows.

    So, logitech cameras left me with a sore eye...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Drivers?

      > I think it was developed for Unix or Linux, not Windows

      Well, the solution is obvious: come to the Penguin. You'll learn to love it here.

  5. Lazlo Woodbine

    This looks like they're moving into Polycom Studio territory, we had a couple of their systems at my last school during Covid, the auto zoom facility that tracked the speaker was great, and the long range microphone was good even in a large conference room

    1. Gerhard den Hollander

      autozoom tracking the speaker

      ... meh ...

      been there, seen that

      We have a largish meeting room in the other continent that has a camera with smart zoom ... now whenever someone coughs or moves their chair or .. the camera will pan & zoom on whoever made the noise ... which usually isnt the person speaking

      Even more annoying is it when the room is not even speaking, and the camera starts to randomly pan & zoom to faces in the room, which can be hugely distracting (though sometimes quite entertaining if people realise they were full on zoomed in while picking their nose

      Honestly, unless Ai is really, really smart, it can be really, really dumb .. i'd rather stcik to a fixed, wide angle camera thankyouverymuch ....

  6. ElNumbre

    Four Kay

    I still get complimented on my Brio 4k which works well in a variety of lighting conditions. I don't know why they can't do the AI tracking 'in camera' like other devices, and good luck getting the software approved by big IT departments.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Exchange rate?

    $199.99 (£219.99)

    $199.99 is about £157 at current rates. Even adding 20% VAT should only take it to about £188.

  8. EricB123 Silver badge

    Er, Um, I'm a bit Embarassed, but...

    Is a "user's doodles" what I think it is?

    I'm not a Brit, BTW.

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