back to article Trump supporters forge AI deepfakes to woo Black voters

Admirers of Donald Trump are creating fake AI-generated images depicting the former US president interacting with Black people, in the hope the pictures are interpreted by voters as a sign of increasing support from a key voter group that would bolster his attempt to regain the White House. Anyone can create fake images with …

  1. aerogems Silver badge

    When you're so worried about your preferred candidate that you feel compelled to create fake images, that's a problem with the person, not with the post itself.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge


      Double fail - turns out they're copied from a parody account. Nothing to do with Trump or the Republicans, just some journalists who don't have a sense of humour and fail to do a basic fact check.

      He also introduced Michael Jordan to basketball too!

      1. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

        Re: Except

        "Nothing to do with Trump"

        It's everything to do with Trump. Don't be naive.

        1. Steve Button Silver badge

          Re: Except

          Not everything is about Trump.

          Someone could just as easily generate a fake video of Biden making a speech and sounding cogent, cognisant and wide-awake.

          Or Rishi sounding passionate and not-at-all like a wet blanket.

          Or Keir sounding passionate and not-at-all like a wet blanket.

          The problem is that these fake images or videos will proliferate and get seen by many people, and even if they are told afterwards that they are fake, they will still have some kind of influence on people's attitudes.

          It feels like the AI wars are only just beginning, and people are going to see many many fake videos of politicians getting up to all kinds of things (good or bad) which just didn't really happen.

          Imagine if someone puts out a fairly convincing but slightly blurred video of Trump in a Russian hotel pissing all over a prostitute. And it happens to come out around November. You won't be able to un-see that, even if you're told it's fake.

          Likewise, Biden falling over or fainting Hillary style.

          These sorts of things, if done well and timed just right could swing an election by a couple of percentage points.

          I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this.

          1. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

            Re: Except

            "Not everything is about Trump."

            Not everything.

            But this is.

            1. Steve Button Silver badge

              Re: Except

              Well yeah, this particular instance. But I was trying to make the point that it's a wider issue, and will be still going on long after trump has moved on to other things in 4 years. Just imagine, after his next presidency is over he might spend more time playing golf and shouting at clouds, and we can all start to try and forget about him. Here's hoping.

              I guess in 2028 we'll have Ron Desantis looking like a midget, and Kemi Badenoch being anti semitic or something.

              I wonder what fake Keir will get up to by the next-but-one election?

              I'm sure people with better imaginations than myself will come up with something entertaining, shocking or hilarious... but fake.

              1. Anonymous Coward
                Anonymous Coward

                Re: Except

                "I wonder what fake Keir will get up to by the next-but-one election?"

                Probably blaming George Galloway :)

          2. MJI Silver badge

            Re: Except

            Or Boris hiding in a fridge.

            Or Boris dangling from a wire waving flags.

          3. LionelB Silver badge

            Re: Except

            > Not everything is about Trump.


            > Someone could just as easily generate a fake video of Biden making a speech and sounding cogent, cognisant and wide-awake.

            Or someone could just as easily generate a fake video of Trump himself making a speech and sounding coherent, veracious and sane.

            1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

              Re: Except

              That might be beyond our current capabilities.

              It's certainly beyond his.

          4. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Except

            Anybody remember the "photo" of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and the space alien that looked like something out of Close Encounters? The backstory as I remember it was the space alien had been in secret talks with both political parties and had decided to endorse Obama for President.

            Of course anybody with more than two brain cells knew this was a joke but you see where this is going. Many people had half as many brain cells & insisted it was legit. The harpies on The View used their shared brain cell to declare that if space aliens visited Earth they would endorse Barry. This was a few years after Bill Clinton had declared himself the first black president & he didn't even need a doctored photo.

            The first day of my college Freshman Economics class, the instructor told us that to understand the reality of an economy you must first understand three things: 1) the lies people are telling you, 2) the lies you tell yourself, and 3) the Truth. He called this Growing Up.

            In the Age of AI people will have to grow up. Most won't like growing up and it won't happen until reality smacks them in the face enough times.

            1. My other car WAS an IAV Stryker

              Re: Except

              "In the Age of AI people will have to grow up. Most won't like growing up and it won't happen until reality smacks them in the face enough times."

              In the last "few" years (ranging from 3 to 10), many folks have instead embraced the lies that make them comfortable, honestly believing them to be truth, calling truth "lies" and surrounding themselves with folks who believe the same to further insulate them from reality. And it happens at *both* extremes of any/every spectrum/facet of society.

              IMHO, AI is going to reinforce this and further insulate people from reality rather than confront them with it. Society isn't "growing up" -- it's well past maturity and descending into child-like dementia (the kind where rational suppression fades and the old racist/sexist ideas come out at random).

  2. Filippo Silver badge

    The current main threat to democracy is neither fake news, nor "AI"-generated fake photos. Rather, it is the mindset that leads people to employ such tools. Even if we found a way to magically label deepfakes, that mindset would still be there, and it would still be a problem.

    1. Rogerborg 2.0

      I think the major problem is people with TDS raging about images created by a parody account, then refusing to laugh at their own folly.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Remember that the left can't meme. They are rather salty about that.

      2. Filippo Silver badge

        No, this is not what's happening. The article is mentioning the parody account, but it is explicitly stating that it's just a parody. The accusations of using deepfakes for propaganda are leveled at an entirely different person, who is not a parody maker and who was doing exactly that.

        Either you stopped reading after the first paragraph, or you're attempting another deception for propaganda purposes.

      3. LionelB Silver badge

        Funny, I always read that as "(Trump derangement) syndrome". It seems to make a lot more sense that way.

        But I guess you were probably talking about taxation systems.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not realistic images

    These fake images look realistic. -- I don't think so, the humans have a telltale airbrushed-like uniformity of texture, and trump has been drained of his orange tint.

    1. aerogems Silver badge

      Re: Not realistic images

      So he looks like death warmed over? If you ever see a photo of him when he's not on amphetamines and covered in bronzer, he looks like a someone who escaped from a really low quality nursing home.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not realistic images

        You can tell when Biden's handlers get the dose wrong :)

        1. aerogems Silver badge

          Re: Not realistic images

          Still cowardly refusing to put your name to your shitposts I see.

    2. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Not realistic images

      ... and the hands... it's always the hands...

    3. Steve Button Silver badge

      Re: Not realistic images

      Doesn't matter. *Most* people are going to be looking at it briefly on a mobile phone. I'm guessing most people on The Reg are using a computer right now.

      Also, a lot of people are just scrolling and will only look at the image for a fraction of a second probably, but it still creates the concept in their mind.

  4. very angry man


    I thought Trump was black, or was that the other one

    1. Rogerborg 2.0

      Re: What!


    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What!

      Nah, that was Zero Cool.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gemeni made me do it!

    Gemeni, draw me a picture of Trump surrounded by a typical google of his biggest fans.

  6. Rogerborg 2.0

    Oh, you dear sweet summer child, your TDS has led you to rage and sulk about a *parody* account.

    Now please debunk its claims that Orange Man discovered DNA.

    1. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

      You're raging at nobody, sweet pea. Shouting into the ether. Whistling into the wind.

      There is a derangement syndrome here, but it has nothing to do with Chunky Cheeto.

    2. Filippo Silver badge

      No. Read the article.

      The article links to the parody account as examples of what you can do with image models, and explicitly states that it's a parody account.

      The article then goes on to show that actual, real, non-parodic Trump supporters, such as a radio show host, have created and published fake images, only admitting they were fake after being called on it. These images are not linked, because The Register has ethics: unlike the parody images, they were actually created with deceitful intent, and linking to them would only spread them further. There is a second example of a Trump supporter employing fakes with deceitful intent on the linked BBC article.

      TLDR: you are claiming that the article is railing against a parody account. The article does no such thing. A parody account is mentioned, but the accusation of using deepfake for propaganda is being leveled at someone who was doing exactly that.

      1. Zolko Silver badge
        IT Angle

        and explicitly states that it's a parody account

        no, it doesn't, please stop this lie. It falsely states that it was shared on X by a parody account , whereas it was created by that parody account (I hope you get the joke about Trump inventing the wheel). This is cheap political propaganda and ElReg should laugh about such pictures – may-be even participating in the joke noting the obvious factual error of Trump not wearing the black turtle-neck – rather than being snowflakes about such trivialities. This doesn't look like "biting the hand that feeds IT " but more like "barking with the dogs "

    3. Casca Silver badge

      You really should read the whole article before spewing shit

  7. Mockup1974 Bronze badge

    "Gemini, make an image of Trump surrounded by his White fans"

  8. xyz Silver badge

    Transvestites for Trump

    That's gotta be a picture!

    1. xyz Silver badge

      Re: Transvestites for Trump

      An idea... Why doesn't El Reg do AI rendered Playmobil? I'd love to see the playmobil Trump.

  9. Gala
    Big Brother

    The problem with democracy is that it's not only the idiots who get what they deserve, it's the rest of us too.

    The problem with every other system of rule is that it's probably going to end up much, much worse.

    1. LionelB Silver badge

      Tragically, those idiots can even vote themselves and the rest of us out of a democracy. This is not hypothetical.

  10. Michael Wojcik Silver badge


    It's hard to imagine why Mark Kaye or anyone else might think such photos would in some way convince anyone of anything. If Tim Scott's cringe-inducing ass-kissing hasn't done that job, nothing will.

    The "Black vote" of course is in no way monolithic. Voters are often persuaded by irrational impulses and impressions, but I think it's highly probable that the number influenced simply by images — real or fake — of either candidate associating with people of a particular demographic is quite small.

  11. Groo The Wanderer Silver badge

    Of course they'd lie to voters with deep fakes. Look at how much lying and BS comes out of their "Great Leader's" mouth!

  12. Bebu Silver badge

    The sad irony...

    is that any black voter in the southern parts is just as likely to be "suppressed" whether he or she were sufficiently deceived by this image or deficient to vote for demented Donald or not.

    I can imagine these shenanigans back firing in UK politics. If a fake image portraying sir Keir, more than half cut at an obviously boistrous piss up, surrounded by scantily clad nubiles, were published, I suspect Labour's vote at the next GE would leap. (Worked for Boris. :)

    As for the US Presidential race - talk about the old men at the zoo - Demented Donald trumps Al Zheimer.

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