back to article Micron New York mega fab faces an environmental exam

Micron's proposed "mega fab" semiconductor plant in New York State is to be scrutinized by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), which is tasked with preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) on the project. The memory chipmaker said in 2022 that it would invest $100 billion over a 20-year period on a fabrication …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    "Think of the frogs"

    I failed to notice reference to frogs in the article ...

    Were there frogs? Are there frogs? Will there be frogs in future? Did the frogs (if any) formally object to the plan or are they amphibious about it?

    What is the total size of the facility in frog leaps?

    So little information ...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "Think of the frogs"

      Up-vote for the amphibious pun.

    2. David Hicklin Bronze badge

      Re: "Think of the frogs"

      In the UK it would be the Great Crested Newt that stops the plan in its tracks

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Imagine they didn't make the same consideration for native human population back in the day.

  3. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Why a wetland?

    "To prepare the site, Micron is proposing to fill in approximately 226 acres (about 915,000 square meters) of federally regulated wetlands on the proposed campus site, plus more land on a rail spur property west of the campus, and federally regulated streams and ditches."

    Is it actually the case that there's no dry land site that could be used? I'd be interested to know why (land values maybe?).

    1. EvilDrSmith Silver badge

      Re: Why a wetland?

      Looking on Google earth, Clay looks to be a tiny place (nestled in amongst a whole load of residential suburbs for the larger city to the south), but is about 7000 linguine (~2/3 mile or about 1km) south of a decent sized substation ('clay substation'), so possibly it's the ease of power supply + cheap land + close enough to a skilled workforce?

      The whole region looks to be a tad damp, generally.

  4. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    use about 20 million gallons of water a day

    A chip fab, unlike a data centre, doesn't really use up water. The water comes in and goes out, generally pretty much drinking water standard.

    The reason they 'use' so much is that it's generally easier to super purify a regular water supply and then afterwards clean that to the point it has some safe level of solvents rather than purify out the solvents for reuse

  5. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Environmental Considerations

    Good they're taking these seriously.



    And I propose a Frog icon.

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