back to article HPE blames GPU shortage for contributing to unexpected sales slide

HPE has blamed disappointing revenue for the quarter on shortages of GPUs and warned investors its previous growth predictions probably won't happen. On Thursday the corp reported Q1 2024 revenue of $6.8 billion – a fourteen percent year-on-year dip. CEO Antonio Neri opened the earnings call with references to beating …

  1. Nate Amsden

    plenty of time

    20 weeks to get your servers seems like plenty of time to prepare your datacenter ..

    I remember the first company I was at that used HP servers. It was in 2003. Took a while to get stuff I guess I later learned mainly due to integration issues with compaq. So i remember we had every server shipped overnight.

  2. MrGreen

    Reputation Matters

    If you don’t pay commissions, people leave, sales go down.

    People talk, you can’t hire new people.

  3. tin 2

    Strikes me HPE might be able to win providing some services relating to code efficiency?

  4. tin 2

    "At this point, readers might wonder if, in that context, HPE's planned acquisition of Juniper Networks is such a good idea."

    Truth, and not just for the reasons discussed in the article. Problem is, and I mean this with all goodwill to Neri, that he literally can't say anything else. The doublespeak in the call (networking is soft/buying jnpr will fix it) means nothing and we still have to draw our own conclusions.

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