back to article Dell share price jumps 16% on mention of AI server backlog

The mesmeric power that AI holds over Wall Street was in evidence again last night as Dell homed in on the huge backlog of orders for "AI-optimized" servers rather than fiscal 2024's overall declining sales, and the share price soared. "Our strong AI-optimized server momentum continues, with orders increasing nearly 40 percent …

  1. Steve Button Silver badge

    Change of company direction?

    That's it, I'm changing my limited company theme song and flag to feature AI enhancement.

    Hopefully I'll be able to increase my daily rate from huge to obscene. (I wish).


    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Change of company direction?

      The AI enhancement for a PowerEdge XE9680 is choosing which Nvidia GPU you want so don't forget to do that too.

  2. 43300 Silver badge

    How long before this particular hype-bubble bursts when people realise that apart from a relatively small number of specific areas, this is all just the Emperor's New Computers?

    1. hedgie Bronze badge

      Who knows? It's new, shiny, and extremely poorly understood by most (even educated) people, so carnival barkers will continue to make money hand over fist for quite some time. We've already seen it screwing up a ton of stuff, and there are some thorny rights issues, but no major[1] disasters just yet. Probably, in a couple of years, the shiny will wear off and there will be the Next Big Thing (tm) running the hype train. LLMs that are actually useful will at least be rather mature and not in everyone's face. For the past year, I've been writing a tabletop game setting for the Pathfinder ruleset,[2] and honestly would be willing to pay to use that stuff, provided that it was trained on a corpus that creators would be getting paid properly for, to do full-colour illustrations or generate non-essential major NPCs and famous inns/taverns/whatever. I'd never trust such a thing for anything "essential" in that arena, but I could see use in adding just a bit of flavour if fed the right prompts.

      [1] Read either very bloody or influential people losing tons of money

      [2] I will eventually release it into the wild, once I can get arsed to do real editing, but at most would set up a donations jar, since I don't expect to make money off something like that.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My VC backed company

    Is waiting on those AI Dell servers before my investors get jittery and pull the plug. I've already had my Willie Wonka event ruined in Glasgow this week so hoping I don't have another setback

    1. neilg

      Re:at time of posting My VC backed company

      There's been 2 downvotes. WTF?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I bet the news that Dell's doing well is a great comfort to the pile of people they just laid off.

  5. Binraider Silver badge

    So dells grubby deals with Nvidia to get cards give it an advantage over the competition?

    Some might consider that anticompetitive...

    Jut sayin'

    1. 2Blockchainz

      I'm sure Dell views Nvidia's preferential treatment of Super Micro to be anti-competitive. Dell is now the notional entrant which makes the market appear competitive to regulators, and prevents capture by the supplier: Akin to AMD's role circa 1999.

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