back to article Nutanix doesn't expect a rush of VMware refugees – maybe for years

Nutanix doesn't expect a rush of VMware users to adopt its platform, because many signed up for long-term deals before Broadcom acquired the virtualization giant. "Many customers signed multi-year enterprise agreements with VMware prior to the deal closing," Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami told investors today on a Q2 earnings …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Land and expand

    I like the ring of that. It's like settlers reaching a new world.

    Whether the locals will be extinguished or not is another matter . . .

  2. Piro Silver badge


    Nutanix is a hyperconverged play, I would very much doubt the majority of vmware customers are using vsan, so they'd have to do a hardware refresh. Nutanix is too limited.

    1. thondwe

      Re: Hyperconverged

      VSAN deployments vs SAN deployments - evidence needed?

      Likely that sites buy a solution (Software + Servers + Networks + Storage) at a single point in time. Much more likely Nutranix et al will pick up new customers based on hardware refresh cycles - so the Hyperconverged nature of the system is then down to customer requirements...

      1. Simon 49

        Re: Hyperconverged

        There's a boatload of NFS based shops, happy with their Tintri and NetApp, and still a ton of Pure and other FC/iSCSI. Many of these customers like the storage they have and are running workloads where a ton of storage is in use by a smaller number of nodes. Yes some will go converged when they refresh, but plenty won't. Nutanix missed a trick not dropping an NFS client at this point.

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