back to article Baidu admits it may never get leading-edge GPUs again

Chinese web giant Baidu has told investors its long-term planning assumes it won't be able to access leading-edge GPUs, but that it can beat local rivals with its superior software stack. "In the long run, we may not have access to the most cutting-edge GPUs, but with the most efficient homegrown software stack, net-net, the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It will be interesting to see where this goes

    If the LLM makers break through the wall of hype they build for themselves, then China may be left behind. I wonder if it is likely to go the other way though, it could be the supply limits that western sanctions have forced on them actually save them money in the long run.

    Right now it's pretty clear that the hype cycle for fake AI is in full swing, and lots of investors are going to set billions on fire over garbage that will never deliver on the promises made.

    They may even wind up being the leaders of whatever methods follow the current generation of inaccurate, inefficient, and unreliable garbage that are at least for all those faults, very, very, expensive.

  2. joeglen

    While it's concerning that Baidu may face challenges in accessing leading-edge GPUs in the long term, its focus on developing a superior software stack is a strategic move. Baidu's emphasis on optimizing its software could indeed give it a competitive edge over local rivals, even without the latest hardware. Investing in efficient homegrown software solutions could enable Baidu to maximize the performance of available resources and deliver innovative services to users. This shift in focus reflects the growing importance of software optimization in the tech industry and underscores Baidu's commitment to maintaining its competitive position in the market.

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