back to article Intel urges businesses to undergo AI PC facelift with vPro update

Intel would really like businesses to buy some new PCs, and is unveiling its latest vPro platform with an exhortation for them to refresh their fleet now in order to be "AI ready." Announced at MWC 2024, we're told that the latest iteration of Intel's corporate vPro platform brings the benefits of the AI PC to commercial …

  1. Groo The Wanderer Silver badge

    If there actually IS a market for this nonsense, AMD will have a far better product than Intel on the market within 6 months. AMD consistently does a better job of supporting developers, gamers, and high-end users than Intel does, and at a far better price.

  2. Ashto5

    The more they push this the more I don’t want it

    I will stick with my current setup it is 10 years old and does everything i require and I am developing everyday

    This is just corp finance trying to get money out people


  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Translation: GIVE US THE MONEY!!!!

  4. FirstTangoInParis Bronze badge

    47% increase in what, exactly?

    Can I now write PowerPoint slides 47% faster? Type Word documents 47% faster? Will Excel add up faster? Perhaps Outlook will let me read emails faster? I very much doubt all of this. In fact I doubt if I will gain any performance increase over the early Compaq laptop I had in ‘97.

    1. FirstTangoInParis Bronze badge

      Re: 47% increase in what, exactly?

      Though an M2 MacBook has some sort of ML thingummy and it does export video from iMovie a heck of a lot faster than it did on an Intel-based MacBook.

      1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

        Re: 47% increase in what, exactly?

        Not exactly an office application though. Will it stop the rotating blue wheel of annoyance or let me type faster, I think not. I agree that for many office applications a 10 year old i3 is more than enough.

        It's all the adver-crap piled on top and the insistence that everything heads up a shared piece of wet string that slows stuff down ...

  5. usbac Silver badge

    I'm looking at the bright side. All of this forced-refresh nonsense will provide plenty of cheap but still relatively powerful off-lease PCs on EBay soon.

    I just bought a Dell Optiplex micro-pc with an i7 and 16 GB of RAM for $44 shipped in. Add a $17 SSD, and it makes an awesome Mint PC (and it's really tiny).

    1. James Duncan

      Can't get anywhere near that price in the UK. More like £200+ for a similar spec :(

      Maybe a business opportunity with a US acquaintance who buys them and ships them over to me. Any takers?

  6. pip25


    I'm feeling really ignorant, but what's the point of that? I thought AI-related stuff is usually much faster when offloaded to the GPU anyway...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you want to get a T to save power for your DIY kit, Sorry, you can't get it in retail, not even from local agents or resellers.

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