back to article India’s homebrew RISC-V CPU goes on sale in new development board

India's home-grown DIR-V VEGA RISC-V processors have debuted in development boards. The ARIES v3.0 development board, available at Amazon and Indian retailer Robu, starts at ₹1,649 ($19.20) and packs the VEGA ET1031 – a 32-bit RISC-V microprocessor that runs at 100MHz. The Aries 3.0 board includes 256KB of SRAM, three UART …

  1. Old Used Programmer

    Not the only comparison

    That Indian RISC-V board has specs that are a lot closer to an RPL Pico MCU--as are the suggested uses--but has a minimum price 5 times higher.

    1. HuBo

      Re: Not the only comparison

      A bit disappointing indeed, as my grandma could've developped such 32-bitter in her spare time, between naps and 'bouts of winter-gear knitting. But, it might have applications in India's impressive space program where radiation-hardening is more important than raw performance (or even in "wearables, and toys"). Clearly though, it is not quite meeting the "nation's ambition to develop server-class processors" at this time (Indian smarty-pants should be working on 128-bit devices, like the rest of the ElReg future-OS bureau IMHO).

    2. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Not the only comparison

      Still much cheaper than my StarFive VisionFive 2 which is a quad core RISC V with GPU and (just about) runs linux.

      For lower spec'd RISC V cores without GPU, it's as much fun to put on on an FPGA.

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