back to article Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11

Windows Insiders cannot get enough of AI if Microsoft is to be believed, with the company rolling out AI-infused Photo updates for Windows 10 and 11. Using AI to tweak photos has long been a thing. Pixel phone and Google One users have had access to the Magic Eraser tool since 2023, and it was therefore inevitable that …

  1. Snake Silver badge

    Probably true, with caveats

    "Windows 10 users would probably have preferred a few more months of support than yet more AI functionality on their desktop."

    Probably quite true. But I'm sure the AI enhancement was initially created for Win11 but rolling the same app out to Win10 is as easy as 'flipping a switch', so that's what was done.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Probably true, with caveats

      Yes, because there's nothing in Windows 11 that couldn't be put in the previous version, except that Borkzilla needs to be seen as "moving forward", even after it loudly stated that Window 1 0 would be the last version and there never would be the need for another one.

      1. Snake Silver badge

        Re: the last Windows you'll ever need

        And we should [continue] to believe that like we still believe "640K is all anyone will ever need!"?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who asked for all this?

    or is it a case of

    We are Microsoft and we can do as we effing well like just because we can. If it screws your workflow up then... tough. Get with the program.

    As someone who gave MS the finger years ago, I'm seeing more and more people calling time on Windows for personal use.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Who asked for all this?

      That's weird, I never gave Microsoft the finger and I'm seeing more and more people using Windows for personal use.

      Maybe an AC spouting some bollocks about a trend is about as useful to you as it is to me?

      1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

        Re: Who asked for all this?

        as someone who said 'so long and it has not been nice knowing you' to MS for personal use in 2009, and spent until the end of 2016 writing software for Windows Server Systems, I want to support the AC who made the original post.

        All my family are now mac users. In early 2015, I gave them an ultimatum. I said that if they wanted my IT support for free then they'd have to ditch windows. Windows 8 was according to MS, the Future. W10 corrected some of the lunacy but not enough. The funny thing is that now I get only about 20% of the support calls that I had when they were on windows.

        I use a MacBook pro (bought used) as my main device plus a variety of Linux systems.

        At the camera club that I go to, most of those who are active members are also Mac users.

        Many have resisted the high pressure sales at places line Currys to buy a windows system. Now they all buy (if buying new) direct from apple.

        This hell for leather race to put so called AI into everything is a marketing droids dream. It ain't proper AI for starters but that is a different story. Most people can't see the need for AI in everything or in my case there is no need for AI at all apart from creating some artwork for my novels.

      2. 43300 Silver badge

        Re: Who asked for all this?

        I'm seeing an overall reduction in home users bothering much with desktop / laptop computers in general - phones and tablets (iOS / Android) will do much of what they need for home use. If they have a computer, it often gets less use now, and they don't want to spend money on another one given the limited use it gets (which is why the W10 EOL is going to cause such a security issue - many will still see no reason to spend money on a new one).

        People with a hobby which requires more than a tablet (such as the example given above) are a minority - and Apple computers have always been popular among design / photography types anyway.

    2. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Who asked for all this?

      MS marketing.

      By putting AI capabilities into W10, it is clear this is an attempt to encourages to use functionality that will cause their W10 platform to appear to run slow and thus encourage them to upgrade to W11.

      Trouble is with the low system performance specification for W11, we can expect Joe Public to go out and buy a system who’s actual performance isn’t dissimilar to the one they run W10 on…

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They'd better work

    to clean up the mess they created with the update resulting in 0x80070643 error. How about that, Microsoft ?

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: MS update

      is something that should have been taken out the back and put out of its misery years ago.

      1. Paul Herber Silver badge

        Re: MS update

        We've got lumps of it out the back.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Windows Insiders cannot get enough of AI"

    Obviously. Windows Insiders are the fanboys. They are biologically incapable of refusing anything Redmond does and critical thinking is not in their DNA.

    So, Redmond says AI ? Yes ! They want it ! And Redmond thinks everyone wants it.

    And, cherry on top, Redmond will bestow that upon the lowly Windows 1 0 users that it will shortly be cut off from everything else. Oh ! How generous !

    So, I'm guessing that all the required updates to that "AI" bullshit will also be shitting their way down to the retired version, even after the cutoff date, right ?

    Because you can't get away from "AI" these days, now can you ?

    1. 43300 Silver badge

      Re: "Windows Insiders cannot get enough of AI"

      "Obviously. Windows Insiders are the fanboys. They are biologically incapable of refusing anything Redmond does and critical thinking is not in their DNA."

      Not necessarily - some of us dip into insider builds periodically to keep on top of what we might have to deal with in a few months' time - can be best to be forewarned!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paint Cocreator

    whatever way I look at it, it's cock-rator, what's wrong with me, alexa?!

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      Re: Paint Cocreator

      That’s the Home version. The one for professionals is branded as “Procreator”.

  6. the spectacularly refined chap

    I've had enough of Microsoft's pretty pictures...

    ... given they pushed out a photo to the lock/login screen a few weeks back that automatically turned all the prompts into Thai.

    Since this was Windows you automatically assume it is some malware, but no, just another MS balls up.

  7. Dan 55 Silver badge


    Still works great, no plans for AI as far as I know.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paint Cocreator requires a Microsoft account


    Now if they can make sure that all of these "AI addons" also require an MS account before they'll work then we'll know what to advise everyone to do[1] with Windows: local accounts rule!

    [1] yes, yes, apart from that. Or that. And at least one of those would bring tears to a penguin's eyes.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Paint Cocreator requires a Microsoft account

      I notice that Win10 logout is now pestering you to convert your local accounts to an MS one - with only a remind me later option to say no. Needs a "F*** off - I know what I want to do with my own PC" option

      1. David Hicklin Bronze badge

        Re: Paint Cocreator requires a Microsoft account

        > convert your local accounts to an MS one

        Not seeing that but maybe its because I use Open Shell to give me a classic win7 desktop and/or ShutUp10 gagging it

  9. joed

    but does it even matter any more?

    Some time into 22h2 update cycle MS has made most of their crApps removable (with no need for powershell). Why would anyone keep any of them is beyond me. One can't even trust the old Notepad either (now also hijacked by "search with bing"). At least there's the option to just run LTSC build and forget about most of the nonsense MS it trying to trow onto their hostagebase (I could care less for the watermark in the corner of the screen).

  10. Grunchy Silver badge

    I’ve waved farewell to Microsoft and to Apple. Oh sure, I still use them frequently inside Virt-Manager on my Ubuntu workstation: but strictly for legacy apps, and permanently disconnected from the internet.

    I’ve discovered much greater reward in pursuing power-sipping devices running simple server tasks that doesn’t make sense in Microsoft or Apple ecosystems. Proxmox, Ubuntu Server, NAS functions, web servers, IoT servers, all sorts of interesting stuff.

    I’ve become a real champion of Kolibri OS too, it’s like an open source Windows 95 where everything is in Machine Language and the entire OS can boot from one 1.44 Megabyte floppy disk. The more I try things in it, the better I like it!

    I have never seen a Win11 environment yet and seriously doubt I’ll ever waste my time on it. It’s just a bunch of Razamataz.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I ditched it around Windows Vista time, initially for the sheer time saving that proper usability brings (the MacOS 10 UI hasn't changed all that much, whereas Microsoft likes to inflict this global penalty on company man hours every other year or so), later for the security which needs less work to keep up to date (yes, I said, 'less', not 'no') and doesn't need to hide its staggering volume behind a patch day.

      I have to work with Microsoft at work (like most victims users), and if I see just how much data is hauled away from users (literally EVERYTHING is logged - ask your admin to show you) I definitely do not want it back at home. Not in a million years.

      1. 43300 Silver badge

        Apart from the Windows 8 aberration, the Windows UI hasn't changed that much either. Which isn't to say that the changes which have been made are good - many certainly aren't - but moving from one version of Windows to the next isn't a major learning curve, particularly (where work machines are concerned) if a sensible connfiguration is applied.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          It's not just the UI of the OS. Most applications have remained the same as well (especially when combined with LibreOffice), something I can appreciate as MS at work is trying to ram new versions of Teams and Outlook down our throat that are definitely less functional than what we have now.

          I am now firmly convinced they deliberately cause this massive global loss of productivity.

          1. 43300 Silver badge

            The new Teams isn't too bad (except on Server OSs, where it's a disaster and often doesn't work properly). New Outlook: now that is definitely a disaster area! Tactic seems to be to remove loads of features and see how much shouting there is. I've blocked the option for our users to try it; there's just too much functionality missing at the moment, Can't even do some basic things like pin the inbox of a shared mailbox to the favourites (which those of us who monitor multiple mailboxes need to be able to do).

  11. PK

    All part of making Windows 10 slower and slower to force you to upgrade ...

    ... 2025 they'll be so much AI in at every level that the machine will grind to a complete halt.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: All part of making Windows 10 slower and slower to force you to upgrade ...

      Slower really started when the "apps" arrived.

      Originally windows 10 was small and fast - had to run on a netbook!

      Now? Well feck. Start it up and do something else for an hour.

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