back to article LockBit extorted billions of dollars from victims, fresh leaks suggest

Authorities digging into LockBit's finances believe the group may have generated more than $1 billion in ransom fees over its four-year lifespan. That's according to the latest leak published today on LockBit's blog, now under the control of Operation Cronos, who analyzed 30,000 cryptocurrency addresses obtained after …

  1. Panicnow

    Money Laundering

    Money laundering admin cost me hours a year just to keep my bank account active, Yet, Lockbit can launder $Billions.

    I'm reminded of "Me thinks they complain too much".

    Bitcoin et al are simply a money laundering scams. That SEC and Governments haven't shut them down, confirms to me it is because they are getting their back-handers in Bitcoin!

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