back to article Europe's datacenter dilemma is that hyperscalers are hogging them all

Demand for datacenter space in Europe outstripped supply in 2023, with hyperscalers snapping up much of the available capacity and construction of new facilities hampered by difficulties in sourcing sufficient power and acquiring available land. According to a report from commercial real estate outfit CBRE, there was take-up …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    +601MW demand last year

    So, pray tell, how many solar panels do you need to satisy that demand ? And how many windmills ?

    With this kind of growth increasing every year, can anyone really believe that nuclear power is not the only viable solution ?

    1. jmch Silver badge

      Re: +601MW demand last year

      " many solar panels do you need to satisy that demand ?"

      At 200W/sqm, 3 million sqm worth, which is 3 square km. Even doubling that to account for gaps between panels, 6 sq km is trivial in the context of the whole of Europe (total area >10M sq km).

      At $200/sqm (2023 costs are $1/W for utility-scale installations), that's $600 million, again seems like gigantic, but in the context of Europe-wide spending, ie, to service a market of over 700 million people) is not a lot.

      The problem is that those bits need to be pushed 24/7/365, so you need nighttime power, so, windmills?? Even running with the absurd notion that windmills are fully operational at night year-round, you would need a similair or higher area and cost, simply to provide nighttime power. And of course specify a maximum power at about double that to allow for cloudy days and days with light wind. And add to that a gigantic (and far, far, more costly) battery farm for when there's no wind at all, and your costs (and lead times) have snowballed into territory where the supposedly far more expensive nuclear power now looks like the cheapest option.

      It strikes me, in fact, that the preference of solar/wind over nuclear, in prioritising lower cost over reliability, is a reflection of the modern IT industry!

  2. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Fixes for night time solar

    For all capacity required in London build another solar powered data centre in Wellington. Makes a dent in the days without wind problem too. The other problem with this solution can be fixed a fleet of giant hypersonic aircraft to ship night time data centre users half way round the world twice per day.

    Alternatively: a giant mirror at Sun-Earth L2

    1. jmch Silver badge

      Re: Fixes for night time solar

      For some applications that don't require short latency, could work, but for a lot of applications not. Though I guess it's easier to send bits rather than Watts halfway around the world

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