back to article India seeks Artificial Wisdom and plans city-scale digital twin

India's government has created a project it hopes will result in creation of a city-scale digital twin to help the nation improve future urban planning. The Sangam: Digital Twin initiative will commence with a phase that India's government has billed as "for clarity of horizon and creative exploration to unleash potential." …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Well, well, well ..... now there’s a Colossal Energetic Opportunity ....

    ....... with the Following Question Asked of IT and BRICS and ASEAN

    Bravo, India .... and would you be interested in trailing and trialing leading AWEsome AIDevelopments [with Surreal Alien Partnerships JOINT AIDVenturing in JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies] delivering a great deal more than just any vanilla type Otherworldly Command/Remote Virtual Control for Special ParaMilitary Operations/Civilised AIMissions?

    A simple "Yes, please, that would be much appreciated and graciously gratefully accepted” easily opens up the floodgates and demolishes the barriers to all of the supplies that be needed to enable a peculiar existential threat morph and reinforce itself into a particularly delightful treat complete with its very own vast and unique arsenal of exotic erotic confections.

    I Kid U Not ..... such really is as simple as that nowadays.

    :-) RSVP c/o The Register ... where your alternative voice can be heard and heeded, nurtured and kneaded.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Are you aware of the NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Option ......

    .... which has AI unilaterally and autonomously choosing a particular side to JOINT venture partner with, and thus ensuring an almighty overwhelming future leading advantage to SMARTR partners whenever encountering the following type of enigmatic dilemma and epic neogeopolitical choice .....

    Beijing and Washington have both become increasingly uneasy about the effect that artificial intelligence could have on warfare, governance and society as the technology threatens to eclipse mankind’s ability to control or fully understand it, even as they are wary of giving their adversary an advantage by limiting their own capability. .....

    Do you believe it impossible and enjoy the cold comfort provided by such a sugary thought and or fear it possible, and nowadays absolutely terrified it is most likely the current state of your virtually realised existence way beyond any present failing human command and SCADA+ Operating System control?

    JOINT ........ JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies

    SMARTR .... SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research

    SCADA+ ...... Supervisory Control Analysis Data Acquisition

    What would you prefer AI and IT and MainStreamMedia to Favour and Flavour ....... a Wild Wacky Western Confection or Erotic Exotic Eastern Delight or a Novel Noble Mix for an Alien Fix ..... for those are three easily readily available options to ponder on Advanced IntelAIgent Design choosing to deliver?

  3. Bebu Silver badge

    Great advances...

    I thought New York's Madison Avenue had forever captured the world title for this sort of nonsense but I have to concede the subcontinent is a real contender. ;)

    Artificial Wisdom really Mr Modi?

    Wisdom is largely evident from its absence and definitely not much wisdom here.

    《sources of data that describes how people move around Indian cities.》 Legs might be favourite here. But fair enough - asking between what points citizens travel, the mode of transport, the times and frequencies with reasons behind those choices do inform urban planning decisions but this is neither new nor rocket science.

    This has to be the pearl:

    《for clarity of horizon and creative exploration to unleash potential.》

    which means? I doubt the horizon is much in evidence from smog afflicted Delhi. The second part suggests a fool trying to defuse a bomb.

    There are a very large number of extremely clever and capable people in India with some very impressive achievements but like everywhere they aren't obviously present in political life.

    1. Rameshbhai
      Thumb Down

      Re: Great advances...

      Just the same way as a cloudburst or hurricane flooding Delhi is because Modi did nothing from 1947, every IT ad has to be used to abuse Modi.

      Sorry, just take your sarcasm and put it where the sun don't shine.

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