back to article Microsoft warns Dev Drive daredevils to back up or beware after latest build

Microsoft released a fresh Windows 11 build to the Canary and Dev Channels of the Windows Insider Program with a warning for developers - back up or risk losing data because a known issue with rolling back and Dev Drive is still there. Redmond told users about the rollback problem shortly after the early February release of …

  1. chuckufarley Silver badge

    So the moral of the story... don't use the cloud to store data? Done!

    1. Alan Bourke

      Re: So the moral of the story...

      I think the moral is back stuff up before upgrading especially if you're on alpha or beta software.

      1. navarac Silver badge

        Re: So the moral of the story...

        I think the moral of the story has to be back-up/image anything before changing any Microsoft product. Especially remember that Microsoft got largely rid of their QA Dept. You are the tester and if it goes awry, it your problem, not theirs!

        1. Ken Hagan Gold badge

          Re: So the moral of the story...

          It's worse than that. MS have outsourced testing to a group of people who are willing to work for free and who don't care if their stuff breaks. Unsurprisingly then, recent builds of Windows are worthless and break easily.

  2. claimed Silver badge

    The Weather Experience

    Should be minimal if you’re using Windows properly…

  3. trancewald

    The details matter

    There is only one reason to use Dev Drive, and that's for better I/O performance. But how does it improve performance? By excluding it from antivirus protection! Thanks Microsoft but I'm not interested!

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