back to article Cisco wields axe again as results season swings around

More than 34,000 tech staff who started 2024 in gainful employment are now looking for a new job – and that's before networking titan Cisco reportedly pulls the plug on thousands more to lighten the payroll. The latest job statistics pale in comparison to a year ago, when in January alone almost 90,000 were made redundant by …

  1. GraXXoR

    Seems like the standard playlist again… Got to trim the payroll so that the buybacks can continue for the all important shareholders and for the board to get their sweet, sweet tax-lite options.

  2. Gedvondur


    Cisco does layoffs every year, has for about 14 years now. Used to be famous for not laying off.

    Honestly, its performative. Layoffs are never accompanied by hiring freezes. Its a play to shuffle the work force, pay less salary and probably a touch of ageism.

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