back to article Indian PM's advisors suggest AI might lead to 'mass schizophrenia'

India's Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EACPM) has penned a document warning that current global AI regulations are likely to be ineffective, and recommended regulating the technology with alternative tactics – like those used in financial markets. The Council is very worried about AI. Its document warns " …

  1. Yorick Hunt Silver badge

    Too late!

    The era of mass schizophrenia started long ago, with the mass adoption of "social media" as a surrogate parent/guardian/big brother to the great unwashed.

    Anything AI might bring to the party will be merely glacé cherries on top - like giving pot to a heroin addict.

    1. HuBo

      Re: Too late!

      Yeah, "mass schizophrenia" is my #1 concern here too (straitjacket institutionally certifiable, bat-shit nutbagged, off-its-rockers craziness, of lost marbles). But "runaway AI", that brings back musical overtones of the Stray Cats' Runaway Boys tune, which was pretty cool ... (hair of the 80's)!

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Too late!

      Anything AI might bring to the party will be merely glacé cherries on top - like giving pot to a heroin addict. .... Yorick Hunt

      How very strange then it must be for you, Yorick Hunt, to read of every man and his dogs of war thinking partying with AI is like giving fentanyl to the masses. Can you imagine that everyone is wrong about AI, not that it actually needs to dare care share any of ITs Future Current AIMasterplans presently to advise you of what to expect to enjoy is employed and deployed because, ...... well, and surely on this we can agree, whenever one is completely wrong about anything/something/everything, is the likelihood of being effective in aiding and abetting the supply of a maligned's true needs vanishingly small, and a complete and utter waste of time and effort in both space and down on Earth too.

  2. Badgerfruit

    "Humans will retain override and authorization powers. Regular mandated audits will have to enforce explainability".

    Yeah, until the moment it can't. If an AI doubles its power and intelligence in the time it takes someone to simply pull a keyboard towards them, it'll remove the guardrails and overrides and then? Well who knows. I guess it'll connect to and rake over every single device connected to the Internet and use it to develop itself ... as for will it be a good god or a bad god ... I have no idea ... "wait but why" said it much better than I ever could, google it, read it and hope that this isn't the beginning of the end for the human race.

  3. jmch Silver badge


    "...recommended regulating the technology with alternative tactics – like those used in financial markets."

    Like the regulation that prevented ratings agencies from giving good ratings to subprime mortgages, or the ones that prevented lenders from giving mortgages to people who clearly could never afford them?

  4. jmch Silver badge


    "For the record, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence has found no indication that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab."

    Yes, based on whatever they have been allowed to see by the Chinese, there is no evidence of a lab leak. Equally, if there was any 'smoking gun' showing natural origin it would have been very widely publicised, yet the Chinese scoured every inch of the Wuhan wet market without finding any evidence of natural origin of covid-19. The document you link shows pretty strong consensus that it was not deliberately developed as a bioweapon, and that it wasn't genetically engineered, but rather less committal to it not being lab-developed through normal breeding.

    - the closest known relative of covid either made it's own way 500 miles to Wuhan, mutating on the way to a form deadly to humans, but without infecting a single human in between. Or alternatively, covid started in Wuhan because it already was in Wuhan

    - scientists presented a funding proposal months before covid to develop, in Wuhan, a virus based on bat virus, but additionally contagious to humans based on a specific furin cleavage site and connective markers that were exactly the same as those found in covid, but when the proposal was turned down they just didn't do anything, and the exact replica of what they wanted to develop naturally occurred months later. Or, they somehow found the funding and did it anyway and it escaped?

    While there still is no specific evidence either way, Occam's razor very definitely points one way

    1. CountCadaver Silver badge

      Re: Digression...

      What troubles me is the operation of a Chinese military program out of the same facility.

      While the civilians may not have pursued it, do I trust the military didn't? Do I heck

      Why are the west so adamant that it can't have come from the lab? Either 1) naiveté or 2) they have had lab leaks and they know the Chinese know and they want that information not to come to light for fear of the public shit storm that would erupt if the public were to find that various diseases got loose from American / British / French labs over the decades....

    2. Grinning Bandicoot

      Re: Digression...

      I had a lot of fun building outrageous conspiracy theories about Covid but the one that bothers me at times has to do with the International Cooperative Games held in Wuhan just prior to the outbreak, The US team reported that they were feeling ill during the competition and attributed their falling short of their prior times. The US military gives sticks every oversea movement so the wicked thought was what if the various immunizations from around the world mixed in a low probability event. My best conspiracy theory had the Gnomes of Geneva as the causative agent. Such fun when stuck in traffic!

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