back to article China 'readies production' of homegrown high-bandwidth memory

ChangXin Memory Technologies, aka CXMT, could become China's first domestic producer of high-bandwidth memory modules, which are crucial to building the accelerators used in AI and high-performance computing. Nikkei Asia reports from the usual unnamed sources that CXMT is setting up testing and manufacturing equipment capable …

  1. beast666

    The US empire is declining.

    1. HuBo

      Which is why the Chinese empire tries its best to imitate its tech!

      1. Ideasource Bronze badge

        Yep and then we will imitate theirs and then some third party will imitate both and in the processes of imperfect imitation innovation occurs.

        Sometimes those innovations become recognized as massive discoveries and turning points in history.

        May the imitating of each other continue the inventive process and bring forth more discoveries unto all.

  2. williamyf

    the chinese are not dumb

    They will develop 2 ecosystems, one for sanctioned entities, and one for non sanctioned ones. So expect santioned entities using huawei processors, moore threads GPUs and YMTC (G)DDR-5, flash and HMB, and expect non-santioned entitites to use CXMT memories, innosilicon GPUs and processors from non sactioned entities.

    of course, some functionaries in china may be less than bright and try to use son sanctioned components in equipmentt made by santioned entities, and there is no guarantee that the USoA can sanction other entitites, even if the comply 107% with the letter of the law...

    JM2C, YMMV

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