back to article Samsung pins hopes on AI to return to growth this year

Samsung Electronics' is betting that demand for generative AI will equate to a busy year for memory sales. The Korean technology giant today reported revenue of ₩67.78 trillion ($50.8 billion) for calendar Q4, down from the ₩70.5 trillion ($52.8 billion) it reported in the same period a year earlier. Operating profit plunged …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    After last software update I noticed I have poor reception in my Samsung.

    I wonder if this is a nudge to buy a new model...

  2. MachDiamond Silver badge

    Oh joy, more AI

    I spent the day being productive. Thinking about all of the things I worked on, AI wouldn't have made any difference. It would have taken me longer to set up the problem than to just do the work. If I were doing things that would be repeated over and over, perhaps AI could help, but I'm finding that the money is going to be in bespoke solutions to problems that affect people. An AI can't ask itself if what it comes up with holds value for a human based on a lived life.

  3. Badgerfruit

    I've said it before....

    Frankly, I am already sick of AI and won't be updating my current phone, it works and does all I need it to do.

    Giving every Tom dick and Harry AI in their pocket? What could go wrong?

    What REALLY gets my goat though is that with all this new computing power and supposed intelligence, why is it only being used for PROFIT and not the good of mankind?

    As always, the only winners of this new tech, will be those who already gold all the money and power. Sad. Nice try humans, at this point, I'm just hoping for a very large asteroid to come our way (ideally before all the blood sucking billionaire class can escape to mars)

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