back to article We know nations are going after critical systems, but what happens when crims join in?

Volt Typhoon, the Chinese government-backed cyberspies whose infrastructure was at least partially disrupted by Uncle Sam, has been homing in on other US energy, satellite and telecommunications systems, according to Robert Lee, CEO of security shop Dragos. Lee reported that his biz has been responding to Volt Typhoon activity …

  1. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    Attack surface

    Everything about cybercrime is inviting to criminals - the anonymity, the massive attack surface (ranging from individuals and small companies to critical infrastructure) and the potential to do a lot of damage and make off with a lot of money. Or a little money several times in succession.

    I'm not a security expert, and most people in IT aren't security experts. We can only deploy what we read about and know about at any given moment. That might not be enough. There will possibly come a time when it is incumbent on governments to help protect their citizens and companies working in their jurisdictions. Alternatively, the internet will become ever more fragmented, with individual countries cut off from each other, for security.

    It's not a pretty sight, the future.

  2. DS999 Silver badge

    It has already happened

    There have been municipal water treatment plants shut down because of ransomware. Imagine if that happens to a major city.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It’s a when, not if

    Per the title, these types of exploit will be jealously hoarded until a concerted attack is mandated by the powers in control - as long as they ARE in control.

    Uncontrolled release in criminal space is arguably undesirable to the state developers. You lose out on the weaponisation shock of impact and give away your poker hand.

    Why on earth the world’s utilities continue to “digitise” because buzzword when networks ran just fine on analogue for decades is a good question. Mostly is a cost and supply chain issue. Remnants of the analogue world can still be found in quantity though the list of supporters is drying up. My own CBAs in this space say that the cost and risks linked to being evergreen and digitised are much, much higher than keeping those ancient techs circulating; even putting them back in production.

    And so why don’t we do it?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Feast of Unintended Consequences or Just Desserts?

    We know nations are going after critical systems, but what happens when crims join in? ..... Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

    Well, party time of course, Jessica :-) ..... and aint that the diabolical conundrum of a heavenly gospel truth ‽

    What happens whenever systems administrations supporting crooked government ministries engage criminals rooted in and routing around critical systems? Sudden unexpected implosion and explosive collapse?

    Are there any pleasant answers to those current pressing vital questions ..... from humans .... or does AI do its IT Command and Quantum Communication Control thing and step into the void and provide otherworldly solutions :-)?

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