back to article AMD bets demand for its MI300 accelerator will balance dips across other product lines

AMD is depending on its newly launched MI300 accelerators and continued AI demand to offset an otherwise challenging start to 2024. On Tuesday's earnings call for the chip designer’s 2023 Q4 and full financial year, executives touted early adoption of the accelerators – which debuted last month – along with assertions they …

  1. tmTM

    Maybe look at your pricing AMD????

    Why is there such a massive gulf in price on your mid-range graphics cards?

    Between a 7800Xt and 7900XT, it's nearly £250 difference. That's a huge difference between the two.

    NVidia have beefed up their mid-range offerings, why is AMD's still such a mess??

    1. mattaw2001

      Re: Maybe look at your pricing AMD????

      Because AMD, like Nvidia is an AI company now that happens to make GPUs occasionally. Blame crypto and just as that died now the AI boom.

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