back to article The EU-US Trade and Tech Council sounds fancy but, really, what's the point?

The next meeting of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) will take place in Washington DC next week to discuss mutual approaches to trade issues and tech challenges, such as climate change and China. The TTC was launched in 2021 to boost bilateral trade and strengthen transatlantic cooperation following years of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "what's the point?"

    Simples, the point is some people are going to polish their CVs for upward mobility.

    This "Council" is just a network thing. If you know the right people, your future is assured.

    That only works for mouthpieces who can't bring anything of value themselves, of course, which is a species that seems to be multiplying like cockroaches these days.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: "what's the point?” @Pascal Monett

      In a networking thing, PM, if you know the right thing, people and their leaderships are assured .... as probably be your own great fortune too, but it is best to realise that be just a not unpleasant by-product gifted to one by an extremely grateful and gracious clientele/satisfied customer base and not to be confused as being anything worthy anywhere near being a prime premium driver delivering requisite novel and invariably unique proprietary intellectual property supply.

  2. naive

    It is the overwhelming success

    US trade with Europe never was so good, the stream of weapons to delay "a gastation masquerading as a country" from reclaiming territories is endless.

    For the rest, US has nothing to offer what the world needs after they stopped making challengers and chargers in 2023.

  3. John Ocampos

    The EU-US Trade and Tech Council serves as a platform for fostering cooperation and addressing regulatory challenges in the digital economy. By facilitating dialogue between key stakeholders from both regions, it aims to enhance transatlantic collaboration on various tech-related issues such as data privacy, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. Engaging in constructive discussions and mutual agreements through this council can lead to harmonized standards and increased opportunities for innovation and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

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