back to article Europe's first exascale system will be slotted into modular containerized datacenter

Europe's first exascale supercomputer will be delivered as a modular datacenter consisting of container units intended to allow for easier updates or replacement of single modules in future. An Early Access Program has also opened for potential applications for the upcoming system. Eviden modular DC Eviden's conceptual …

  1. CapeCarl

    What size FRU makes cents for you?

    In perhaps 2008/2009 I had the opportunity to walk through a Sun Micro "data center in a shipping container" in Midtown Manhattan...Perhaps they were 20 minutes into the future (Max Headroom).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What size FRU makes cents for you?

      Ah yes ... the White Trash Data Centers ... they were the future (back in the days ...) ... powdering the nostrils of nostalgia (EU style!).

  2. MrReynolds2U

    Colour me confused

    "more than 2,300 square metres or roughly half the size of a football pitch, according to the JSC. Translated to American, that's just under 25,000 square feet or one half of a field for actual, real football."

    I think my sarcasm detector just broke.

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