back to article NVMe consortium polishes its specs to support computational storage

The NVM Express consortium has updated its specifications by adding a Computational Storage Feature, creating a standardized way for applications to talk to storage devices that include some processing capability. NVM Express (the organization) oversees the NVMe specifications for using solid state drives (SSDs) via a host …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sounds less useful than 3D X Point/Intel Optane …. which got junked:

    1. D.LTX

      Wouldn't quite say so. Xpoint got junked because they weren't able to scale and in the end it was just too expensive to continue developing

      Whether it's due to "skill issue" or market demands is up in the air. However, intel shouldn't have limited optane DCPMM to their own tech

      As for computational storage, what can be seen to be used is to move block to block or move files to another target without involving the host.

      A lot of power is surprisingly spent simply from moving block to block or another target!

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