back to article Nokia walks the walk about its RAN to play on Uncle Sam’s China fears

A vendor establishing a business unit dedicated to government sales is not new or unusual. But Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia’s decision to do so in the USA this week tells a bigger story about Washington’s paranoia regarding the security of critical communications infrastructure security. Over the past few …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TETRA vs 5G (and 6G)

    With a number of mission critical networks being converted to 5G, with 6G already targeting military use cases, that sounds like an good move.

    Especially considering that Nokia is a market leader in TETRA and has a sizeable market share of these mission critical networks. Nokia surely will want to protect that juicy market share, whichever way the market goes. The recent 14 B$ AT&T ORAN contract awarded to Ericsson shows that the threat is real.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    :-) The Gift to Graft that Keeps On Forever Giving

    Having said all that, playing on a combination of trust, technological superiority, and systemic fear to line your pockets is about as American as it gets.

    Nice one, Tobias Mann, and Amen to that diamond nugget ..... one of the sweetest of attractions and deadliest of addictions in the process of biting the hand that feeds IT and something extremely difficult, and maybe even quite impossible, to truthfully deny valid and an accurate reflection of a present reality.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: :-) The Gift to Graft that Keeps On Forever Giving

      Marveling at the waxing moon's celestial journey, akin to an ambered chariot traversing the zenith, I found myself in awe. Tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars adorned the cosmic expanse. Amid this spectacle, a pragmatic thought struck — a roof for this lavatory.

      Oh, flibberdy-gibbet brogues fan, what a delightful mishmash of wobble-dee-bobble! A jingling diamond nugget, not just a sweet treat, but an overwhelming attraction with a twisty, nibble-inducing itch. Like a nibble on the hand doling out goodies. Oh, the convoluted difficulty and a sprinkle of impossibobble-ness denying truthiness. Amen, dear Tobias, to this tangled jingle of words, innit!

  3. mostly average

    There is no Nokia.

    There is only HMD Global. They may wear Nokia's face, but they're not Nokia. Their handsets are made in china out of short half-life chinesium. Real Nokia phones were made with the finest Finnish witchcraft and are presumably immortal.

    1. Kernel

      Re: There is no Nokia.

      I think you'd better have a look at - it is very much a real company and it's only relationship to HMD Global is a licensing agreement for the use of Nokia's IP and name on HMD's cellphones.

  4. Terafirma-NZ

    You can't because I want to

    The removal of Huawei and ZTE is really because they don't include backdoors for the US government and so they must be gone. What they tell the public to have this accepted is of course the opposite then the media runs with that.

    I can assure you that wherever you are and whatever gear you use you always have government eyes in your network as a service provider, the question is normally how many you have to cater to not if its happening.

    1. prh99

      Re: You can't because I want to

      They don't need backdoors, At&t has a windowless concrete monstrosity of a building that let's Uncle Sam tap into At&t's networks. I wouldn't be surprised if other telcos and network operators have similar sites.

  5. vistisen

    I,m more worried about Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft etc thet we KNOW sell our data and misuse it , than I am about the chinese governmetn knowing what I watch on Netflix because there is a Huawei router in my ISPs sererveroom

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