back to article India again backs down on its controversial PC import restrictions

India’s Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has announced that import restrictions targeting PCs will not include desktop computers, adding another twist to the strange saga of the nation’s plan to require import licenses for many types of computers. The plan emerged in August 2023 and surprised many as it came into …

  1. ldo

    It’s Normal For Governments To Regulate In Consultation With Those Being Regulated

    This idea that you can pass edicts down from on high and expect the unwashed masses to jump to your command ... smacks of authoritarianism. To carry it off, you must not back down. Otherwise you end up looking weak. Maybe you think that acting in a democratic fashion makes you look weaker, but no, your vacillation just makes you laughable.

  2. may_i

    The explanation

    is hidden in this sentence: "He added that the move was also designed to regulate imports to ensure trusted and verifiable systems."

    Translation: "We want to get our hands on all computers before they get to end users so that we can install a state owned root kit in each machine's BIOS."

  3. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Ah, it seems that stupid populist politicians are not the sole reserve of the UK after all!

    What is that Skippy, most of them are?

  4. Tron Silver badge

    There is no 'danger'.

    They are just being nationalist pricks like the Brexiteers.

  5. trindflo Bronze badge

    Do call centers use laptops or desktops?

    My guess is that there is a business need for desktop computers in businesses with low margins, while laptops are purchased by people that can afford to spend more.

  6. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge


    Clearly, if Indians worked 70 hour weeks, as demanded by the glorious leader of Infosys, they wouldn't have this problem and could be totally autonomous!

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