back to article OpenAI rolls out Team tier because not everyone has enterprise-deep pockets

OpenAI is updating its subscription plans to add a "Team" tier for businesses to sit below its existing Enterprise level. The plan comes in at $30 per user per month – $25 for customers able to make an annual commitment – and is comparable to the $20 per month Plus tier in the personal pricing subscriptions. As well as higher …

  1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

    Of course it's a subscription product - squeeze the customers until they squeak appears to be the motto these days.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of customers are going to feel that AI doesn't live up to the hype and a lot of those year-long commitments are going to end up being for a single year only, with a drastic decline in revenues on the cards for 2025.

  2. IanW

    No apparent access to the Enterprise tier…

    Has anyone ever got a call back if you ask OpenAI for Enterprise pricing for their organisation?

  3. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge


    maintaining your own IT department and buying your own servers isn't such a bad idea after all, considering that trying to use the cloud means you're charged through the nose, and your data is no longer yours.

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