back to article Chinese company's rocket debut makes waves by launching from the sea

A Chinese startup has launched its first rocket from a sea-based platform, sending three satellites into orbit. The Gravity-1 rocket was launched at 0530 UTC on January 11 from the waters off the coast of Haiyang in China's Shandong Province. The mission was the first launch of the YL-1 commercial carrier rocket by Orienspace …

  1. TVU Silver badge

    This is yet more of Thunderbirds coming to life and I'd like to think that Gerry Anderson would have loved what's going on today.

    1. RegGuy1 Silver badge

      I love the tannoy announcements you get at the launch site at Boca Chica (Brownsville), where the Starships are being launched from. Difficult to make out, and the echoes remind me of those industrial Thunderbirds scenes where there's a rocket or similar. It's as if SpaceX have watched them and tried to emulate them. Wonderful.

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