back to article Next BT CEO Allison Kirkby takes the wheel from next month

UK telco giant BT is confirming a start date for Allison Kirkby, who will become its chief executive on February 1, facing down the challenge of the company's nationwide fiber rollout and trying to reverse its declining share price. Kirkby takes over the helm at BT Group from current CEO Philip Jansen, who led the former state …

  1. Jan 0 Silver badge

    Never mind the job titles.

    Did she start out as an engineer? If not, why is she in the running?

    1. trevorde Silver badge

      Re: Never mind the job titles.

      You don't need an engineer to appease the shareholders, you need a bean counter

  2. xyz Silver badge


    Fibre, fibre, fibre, fibre, fibre.


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