back to article Nvidia gives RTX 40 series a Super refresh as AI PC hype takes off

Nvidia revamped its RTX 40 series GPU lineup at CES on Monday with three "Super" cards, which boast higher performance and memory upgrades over their predecessors. Nvidia's $599 RTX 4070 Super and $799 4070 TI Super see some of the biggest improvements. Digging into the spec sheet, the somewhat confusingly named 4070 Ti Super …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How much have they improved on their 40 series counterparts? They seem to have just published a load of figures comparing them to 30 series because big numbers sell stuff.

    1. tmTM

      Re: Comparisons

      The difference between the current 4070 and 4070Ti is not that great (considering you're paying 50% more for the Ti card), even though on paper you'd expect the Ti card to be clearly better, it struggled to show value for money.

      It's been pointed out the 4070Ti should have come with more RAM, so will be interesting if the Ti Super proves everyone correct.

  2. Binraider Silver badge

    Comedy pricing continues, and no "mid range" option on the table. Easiest Nope you ever gave.

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