back to article Japanese earthquake disrupts chip industry operations

The 7.6 preliminary magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on New Year's Day is forcing Ishikawa Prefecture chip and electronics companies to temporarily shut their doors, with affected companies including Toshiba, GlobalWafers, Murata and others. According to reports, the earthquake has so far caused the death of at least 62 …

  1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge


    Since Second Impact didn't happen as scheduled in 2000, I'm glad to see that NERV has been repurposed for peaceful crisis operations, although I am a little disappointed that they're not sending out Evangelions to assist with disaster relief.

  2. bazza Silver badge

    Earthquake Demographics and Tech

    It seems fairly likely from Japanese coverage that a large amount of infrastructure had been damaged. There's a lot of closed roads, power lines down, etc. It's going to be a lot of hard work to put everything right. Meanwhile a lot of people have to get their lives back together, get a new house, etc.

    All areas such as this in Japan are struggling with demographic changes. Work and people are heading gradually towards the Tokyo region. A big earthquake in an area such as this may result in a lot of people voting with their feet, and reestablishing themselves elsewhere. This also happened after the 2011 earthquake.

    This can have a knock on impact on tech companies. If there is a company whose key staff have lost their homes to the earthquake and are in an area where the roads have been ruined, etc, and it's going to takes years to get the place nice again, those key staff may already be moving out for good. Depending on what the staff / company do, there could be a big enduring impact, even if the factory itself is intact.

    This happened to us a long time ago when a company in Japan was shut down by a smaller scale natural disaster, but it was the only one making plastic film for back up tapes. Suddenly, you couldn't buy a DDS cassette anywhere...

    1. very angry man

      Re: Earthquake Demographics and Tech

      bazza where do you live?

      i have always lived in these areas ( born in NZ also on the rim of fire) and currently life in tropical Australia ( recently hit by cyclone) these things are run of the mill and are quickly cleaned up, news out lets over state everything because it gets readers, clicks what ever, the people involved will get over it, before the sheeple thousands of Klms (miles) from it.

      A Japanese emergency alert account has claimed its been rate limited on Twitter/X following the New Years Day earthquake in Japan, thus reducing the ability for account holders to receive up to date information on the natural disaster.

      this just proves that xitter is not suitable for purpose and not used to inform the public in times of concern as it is not reliable,

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