back to article Court hearings become ransomware concern after justice system breach

The court system of Victoria, Australia, was subject to a suspected ransomware attack in which audiovisual recordings of court hearings may have been accessed. Louise Anderson, CEO at Court Services Victoria (CSV), confirmed this week that a "cybersecurity incident" was detected on December 21 targeting CSV's audiovisual …

  1. HuBo

    Fishy phishing?

    A bit of an odd target (IMHO) as the Aussie gov (Court Services Victoria) notes that "With limited exceptions, court and tribunal hearings are held in public and are not confidential". I wonder if the ElReg DownUnder Bureau, or readership, knows of a closed-door (exceptional) court case of the past 2-3 months that could have been of interest to the Rusky Qilin Golang ransomcrims (a spy vs spy case maybe)?

    1. The Central Scrutinizer

      Re: Fishy phishing?

      I can't think of any particularly sensitive, secret court proceedings of late in Victoria. Usually they are public affairs that get reported on freely by the media, so there are no real secrets to access.

  2. t245t Silver badge

    Why are audiovisual recordings of court hearings visible over the Internet?

    CSV's audiovisual network is independent of its other systems, meaning employee and financial data are unaffected

    Really /s

    The restoration of the affected systems, which were taken offline after detecting the intrusion

    The Ransomware people informed us /s

    Responding to a pre-empted question concerning how CSV was alerted to the incident, Anderson said the computers dedicated to controlling audiovisual recordings "were disrupted."


    it's also not unheard of for ransomware leaders to intervene and prevent the leaking of data on moral grounds.

    Is this the state of computer security in 2024, relying on the moral compass of extortionists?

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    double extortion?

    "but double extortion scenarios involve the group threatening to leak the stolen data if a ransom demand isn't met."

    I've read and re-read that statement and the the surrounding paragraphs, but I still don't understand what the phrase "double extortion" means. I see a single threat for a single payment.

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: double extortion?

      I believe it where the first try to the original victim of the hack (in this case the court), if that fails, move onto the real victims, in this case, those in the videos.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: double extortion?

        Or both simultaneously - threaten the organization with the public release of their secrets, while threatening the individuals with the public release of their specific info.

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