back to article While you holidayed, Microsoft brought Copilot to mobile devices, again

While many readers enjoyed holiday downtime, Microsoft was busy bringing its Copilot AI to Android and iOS. The software giant released Copilot apps for both platforms, with the Android version debuting quietly six days before Christmas and an iOS incarnation emerging just before New Year's Eve. Both apps offer text-to-text, …

  1. ldo

    Whenever I Hear “Copilot” ...

    ... I want to pronounce it as “Copy-Lot”. As in, it copies a lot.

    1. zuckzuckgo

      Re: Whenever I Hear “Copilot” ...

      I think a better name might be Copillage.

  2. xyz Silver badge

    Big wow...


  3. Paul Herber Silver badge

    "A giant dinosaur carrying a cricket bat invading the Sydney Cricket Ground"

    I can see nothing in the rules of the summer game that could prevent this.

    Crimson Rambler Crocs win by an innings and 65 million runs.

    1. Sam not the Viking Silver badge

      I think you'll find the bat is over-sized, the dinosaur is out 'hit-wicket' and they would have trouble fielding a regulation-sized cricket-ball. Although, to be fair, there are rumoured to be a lot of dinosaurs in the committee rooms.

      As for: "the relative obscurity of the location and sport", I'm simply aghast. The length of the cricket pitch is a standard older than most left-pond cities (143.7 linguine).

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Re: a standard older than most left-pond cities

        I'm guessing that's why it is obscure . . .

        1. khjohansen

          Re: a standard older than most left-pond cities

          Only if you refer to the game of rounders as "base-ball" for some reason

    2. David 132 Silver badge

      "...and from here in the commentary box I see that the dinosaur has bowled a maiden over, and also eaten several others too. Can you recall a similar thing happening previously, Blowers?"

      "Well, yes, Aggers, I well remember the first game of the '81 Test, where a Chesterfield sofa carrying two men appeared suddenly on the infield and the ground was invaded by those cricket-bat wielding robots, but of course that was overshadowed by the quite magnificent performance by the Windies later that same match..."

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Your AI-powered copilot /s

    “Your AI-powered copilot .. Try the new Bing .. Suggested Microsoft Edge”

    This unwanted advertisement just popped on the search bar. How can I remove this. That and a forced update that fails to update. Because MICROS~1 deems my computer doesn't pass “minimum system requirements”.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    copilot on android

    my experience is dire: copilot on android is a steaming pile, and the main issue, for me, is the interface. For me, a mobile is a phone with a screen bolted on top. tiny screen with a tiny, virtual keyboard. I'm used to 32 inch monitors and human-hand-sized keyboards, so this is a preferred mode of input: keyboard and screen. Mobile device are a horror in that department, so an alternative mode is voice-input. And this is where the copilot fails miserably (for me), because it struggles - very noticeably - to recognise my voice. Sure, I could look in the mirror and mumble something about me-non-native-speaker-duh, but the thing is, android chatbotgpt3.5 does not find it a problem and our conversations, though pointless, are relatively smooth in form, if not content. Hell, it's even able to understand me speaking another, distinctly non-major world language, while copilot for android told me to go forth and multiply (I'm afraid I can't do that Dave, etc). I don't know why this peculiar quirk, first I thought it maybe recognizes my current IP (I'm abroad at the moment) and instantly switches to voice recognition in this particular locale, but even when I told it specifically that I... am... speaking... English... now, and 'it' replied and offered to carry on in this fine language, it still struggles and generally - fails. Which is the end of the road its co-piloting me, until some noticeable improvements happen.

    Presumably, end results given are on android no different to what I can get (minus voice) in copilot on desktop edge, but I never got to that stage, so can't say. A nice car is nice to drive, but if it jerks and shudders and moves no further than a couple of inches, and then, sideways rather than forward, then, sorry, no. Perhaps my expectations that MS copilot based on chatgpt4 would be at least as good, and perhaps better in some ways (up to date info, perhaps better voice recognition) than openai chatgpt3.5 - all this is a misguided assumption, when in fact they're (for now) two very different beast that won't mate willingly, when forced to?

  6. Omnipresent Bronze badge

    NO ONE CAREEEEEES..... gif

    Seriously, you would have to be a complete moron to download that crap onto your mobile device. I never underestimate the stupidity of people with money tho.

    1. JuniorEbuka

      Re: NO ONE CAREEEEEES..... gif

      I would suggest it's inappropriate to label a large cross-section of society as morons simply because they show an interest in trying out an AI app. Like it or not, this is the future of computing for our kids. I, for one, wish to stay ahead of the curve on this...

      1. Omnipresent Bronze badge

        Re: NO ONE CAREEEEEES..... gif

        Says the same russian sympathizing bros that convinced kids to invest in crypto ponzi schemes, and get on the ticky tocky spy app?

        I got news for ya, the first thing anybody with any common sense does when they get a new computer is delete this crap off it as fast as possible. Why would you, give me one reason, you would want to bury your mobile device in this digital mud? We are trying to ESCAPE it.

        Funny enough, everything that has claimed to go to AI, has fallen off the earth due to the tremendous fall off of reliable quality, and full on attack of eeeeeeeevilllllllllllll.....

  7. captain veg Silver badge

    tthe Windows maker lacks its own mobile OS

    No it doesn't. It had one. It still has. It chose to bin it.

    This was a profoundly odd decision. After failing to persuade its desktop users to adopt the same system on handhelds it then spunked a shed of money on creating a half-decent mobile experience which it then tried to foist on the desktop lot.

    Neither worked.

    Wonder why.


  8. ecofeco Silver badge

    Deleted the first day

    My laptop received this a few months ago as part of a regular update.

    I actually opened it and took one look at it and deleted it immediately. It's next level cruft relying on analysis by a company that I wouldn't trust to tell me the sky was blue.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bing, and the search is gone.

    Co-pilot is not going to rescue it, the reputation has been there since it started.

  10. Reginald O.


    Tried it on my MacBook Air with M2: Fail. Won't even load. Maybe my security shield blocked it.

    Typical MS, MASSIVE tracking permissions requested/required. Why so much, all the time?

    Is it really that profitable?

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