back to article Like Microsoft, Google can't stop its cloud from pouring AI all over your heads

Google popped a bunch of AI models onto its cloud platform on Wednesday for folks to try out and perhaps adopt. One being Gemini Pro, the text-generating system teased last week to developers and enterprises. The other models are Google's picture-generating Imagen 2, and a family of medical-related generative AI tools dubbed …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Short(?) Memories and Recycled Names

    I recall "Imagen" as a now-old-and-deceased laser printer maker from the late 1970s/early 1980s. I suppose Google presumed nobody would remember who first used that name. Rather like Dodge currently using the "Hornet" moniker for their sporty (SUV-looking) electric automobiles, presuming nobody remembers the American Motors Corporation "Hornet" (an economy-type gasoline-engined auto).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Short(?) Memories and Recycled Names

      And Gemini is a protocol. So can I access the Gemini AI over the Gemini protocol?

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    Putting out the fire

    ...with gasoline!

    Putting out the fire... with gasoline!

  3. Omnipresent Bronze badge

    Typical PC engineers

    Guess they don't notice that people are turning off, and tuning out, in DROVES. All social is now irrelevant, and the internet is useless. Don't let that get in the way tho, at least they are creating a generation of young people that are getting smart enough to maneuver around the eeeeeeeviiiiiiiil.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    grep -e 'switch' main.c

    Gemini % grep -e 'switch' main.c

    Gemini > A list of reassignment surgeons follows....

    The mind boggles ... at the mostly insane possibilities.

    Dr Google has probably already buried more patients than the combined efforts of the profession without supercharging his fatality index with AI hallucinations.

  5. nematoad

    Fear not!

    "Like Microsoft, Google can't stop its cloud from pouring AI all over your heads."

    Don't worry about it. Given Google's track record this stuff will disappear in a year or so.

  6. captain veg Silver badge


    '"For example, a developer writing code using MongoDB will be able to ask Duet AI for Developers, 'Filter customer orders over $50 in the past 30 days by geography, and then calculate total revenue by location,' and Duet AI for Developers will then use information from MongoDB's products to suggest code to complete the task, so developers can build even faster," Google veep Gabe Monroy explained. '

    Well that's fine and dandy.

    Should a developer buy in to the "suggestion" then code analysis and validation should follow.

    What's actually likely to happen is "a computer said so, so it must be right" and blind acceptance. Go ahead punk, are you feeling lucky?


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