back to article New York set to host $10B semiconductor research facility with IBM and Micron

Upstate New York is set for a $10 billion semiconductor research facility to work on next-generation chip manufacturing, with IBM and Micron part of the scheme. Semiconductor investment in the US continues apace with the University at Albany in New York to host a research facility, according to the Wall Street Journal. This …

  1. MachDiamond Silver badge

    More losses for NY?

    New York lost a billion dollars building a factory for a company that was purchased by Solar City with SC being bailed out later by Tesla. Initially, Tesla scrapped the production machinery in the building since it wasn't suitable for Panasonic's process in building solar products for Tesla and that partnership went by the wayside leading to a massive devaluation of the facility. With the mass exodus of financial businesses from NY, maybe they are going to try to attract another industry to diversify. What I didn't see mentioned was how much money NY was going to spend buying this new program. They already have problems with the cost of paying for thousands of invaders demanding services so another corporate handout when they've done so poorly doing them in the past doesn't seem like a good move.

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