back to article Google launches Gemini AI systems, claims it's beating OpenAI and others - mostly

Google has unveiled Gemini, its most powerful class of transformer-based models yet, which are capable of processing text, images, audio, and video.  Gemini is a multimodal model with a 32k context window that can take different types of data as input and generate images and text as output, and comes in three different sizes. …

  1. Dostoevsky

    More AI...

    ...oh goodie. I'm overwhelmed with joy.

  2. ChoHag Silver badge

    You've been focused on AI for 8 years and the best you can claim to have made it do is the vaguely worded and impossible to refute "new tools to collaborate and create"?

    Where do I sign?

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      > "new tools to collaborate and create"

      That's just the standard marketing speech for "we have something we'd like to sell you".

  3. Arthur the cat Silver badge

    Gemini is a …

    multimodal model of a modern LLM. (To the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan's Major General's Song).

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