back to article India's Moon mission pulled off another trick: an experimental orbital sequel

India has revealed an unexpected sequel to its Chandrayaan-3 Moon lander mission. The triumphant lunar adventure started on July 14 with the launch of an LVM3 rocket carrying a propulsion module that brought the Vikram lander and Pragyan rover into orbit around the Moon. That plan worked. Vikram and Pragyan performed as hoped …

  1. HuBo
    Thumb Up

    Congratulations ISRO!

    This is even better than chicken vindaloo (as Lister would say)!

    1. Red Ted
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      Re: Congratulations ISRO!

      Smug mode *ON*

  2. Dinanziame Silver badge

    Sometimes, it is rocket science

  3. werdsmith Silver badge

    I continue to be impressed by the achievements of the Indian space program. More power to them.

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