back to article AMD slaps together a silicon sandwich with MI300-series APUs, GPUs to challenge Nvidia’s AI empire

AMD is pushing advanced packaging and chiplets to the limit with the launch of its Instinct MI300-series accelerators, part of a quest to close the gap with rival Nvidia in the AI arena and bolster its standing in the high performance computing (HPC) community. When the generative AI hype train left the station in late 2022 …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Wish Intel would start getting competitive. AMD is beginning to get too big of a head lately.

    1. luis river

      history repeat again

      Firts: end XX century dying Apple... today smack Microsoft, also AMD 2010 year near smack Intel. It is Goddess fato wishes ??

  2. Detective Emil

    How much?

    The article supplies a satisfyingly large number of numbers (including TDP, which was as elevated as I thought it would be), but not price. I expect this to be very elevated.

  3. chuckufarley Silver badge

    At last!

    A system that might run Crysis!

    Seriously though, how long till 128GB of RAM bolted on to the CPU is a stock option for Desktop CPUs? Hell, if we can get RAM inside the CPU package and have the outside DIMMs for "slow memory" that would open up some very interesting options for operating system coders. As long as there were no corners cut that compromise data security.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: At last!

      Seriously though, how long till 128GB of RAM bolted on to the CPU is a stock option for Desktop CPUs?

      The Apple M3Max chips are already there

  4. HuBo
    Thumb Up

    Most Impressive!

    That 3.5D advanced packaging where the thickness of HBM stacks is matched by that of superposed layers of IOD, XCD/CCD, and Carrier Si, with intermixed CoWoS and vias, is really quite impressive! The responsible chip architects did a truly outstanding job here!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Heath robinson called and said Hi !!! :=)

    If this is what you get when AMD slaps together a silicon sandwich ...

    Just imagine what they can do when they remove the Duct Tape/String/Sealing wax and really try !!!

    P.S. I know the 'Slap together ..." was the joke but someone earned their salary this month !!!

    Between AMD and Nvidia the tech is getting 'obsolete' faster than it can get out the door !!!

    (All assuming that you have very very deep Tardis-like pockets to afford to buy it !!!)


  6. B2frigate

    Watt about power vs performane?

    What if nvidia is cheaper to run with lower power? TDP of mi300 is 750 to 550, what about H100?

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