back to article Meta yanks VR headset's strap-on booster battery after charging bricks it

Meta has paused shipments of the wearable battery-slash-head strap accessory for its Quest 3 VR goggles amid reports the device bricks itself when charged. The $130 Elite Strap with Battery is advertised as making the Facebook giant's virtual-reality headgear more comfortable and extending your adventures in the metaverse by …

  1. Mayday

    Elite Strap

    I can't get over the fact you pay a premium for a headset such as this one, then you need to pay another premium for a strap that actually feels half-comfy/balanced and stops the thing from falling off your head.

    1. Dwarf

      Re: Elite Strap

      @Mayday. You clearly don’t understand marketing.

      Their is some expression about fools and their money.

      Luckily it seems that we don’t fall into that category.

      I was pondering the difference of a battery on a wire to power it vs just having a wire to power it this, thus getting rid of the battery, making the whole thing lighter and cheaper. Then I realised that I don’t understand [cool|sick|todays word for cool] either.

  2. ThatOne Silver badge


    > A misbehaving Li-ion on your noggin - what could possibly go wrong?

    So, henceforth when you see a skull on fire, it's not necessarily Ghost Rider, it could be a VR user...

  3. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    A speical kind of fail

    How does any business manage to design something so badly that this is even possible?

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: A speical kind of fail

      When they cut ALL the corners on quality and safety in pursuit of teh bux.

      It was probably very safe to start with, when the engineer originally designed it. Then it went through "how do we make this cheaper?"

  4. Bebu Silver badge

    A misbehaving Li-ion on your noggin - what could possibly go wrong?

    "or minor explosion"

    In which case in the resulting VR, the battery life will be irrelevant but I imagine will extensively feature either harps or pitchforks.

    Reminds me of the probable urban myth concerning Mossad and cell phones presumably back in the pre hands-free brick days where their agent obtained their target's phone either modified it or replaced it with one containing a small quantity of cemtex (c4) and a remote detonator. Ring, ring. Hello. Is that you Yasser? Bang!

    Not that clever I think. Got caught using faked Australian passports which really pissed off the AU government.

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