back to article Dragonfly delayed – formal confirmation of journey to Saturn's moon slips into 2024

The future of NASA's Dragonfly trip to Saturn's moon Titan is looking uncertain after the agency gave the go-ahead for work to proceed on the final design and fabrication but kicked formal confirmation of the mission into mid-2024. Dragonfly (pic: Johns Hopkins APL) Dragonfly (click to enlarge) Pic: Johns Hopkins APL The …

  1. MachDiamond Silver badge


    If NASA had the money that the US military can't account for properly, there would farmers living in Luna and sending back endless quantities of golden grain.

  2. Killing Time

    It's a long way....

    Makes sense to delay this until the stirling work being done on Mars at the moment establishes what is achievable in other atmospheres.

    It's one thing doing it 15 light minutes away. 80 light minutes away is a whole different ballgame. Realistically you are are looking at full autonomy.

    1. Spherical Cow Silver badge

      Re: It's a long way....

      Ingenuity typically has a couple of weeks between flights, so an extra 65 minutes of transmission time doesn't really matter. Bandwidth is more likely to be an issue due to how the inverse square law affects signal strength. Actual flight should be pretty easy due to Titan's atmosphere being 45% more dense than Earth's atmosphere. One other thing: Titan is *cold*.

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