back to article British Library begins contacting customers as Rhysida leaks data dump

The Rhysida ransomware group has published most of the data it claimed to have stolen from the British Library a month after the attack was disclosed. Infosec experts originally speculated that the group may not have stolen much in the way of data, but the creator of Have I Been Pwned?, Tory Hunt, said the dump "looks rather …

  1. sten2012

    From the previous article on this topic:

    > The criminals said there will be only one single-party winner that will be the sole recipient of the stolen data.

    That to me strongly says the data won't be broken up. It's bought, or not.

    Yet now:

    > "Not-sold data was uploaded, data hunters, enjoy."

    While I don't trust ransomware operators, obviously, their word is quite important to their business model. Under wild speculation here - was a ransom partially paid so it never ended up under auction?

    Or was it just a lie?

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      More likely, nobody paid at all.

      1. sten2012

        I probably should have quoted more, but it wasn't all released. With the vague implication being 10% had been sold.

        I guess maybe they list separately credentials via access brokers and any card information via carding sites if it doesn't sell, but 10% sounds a LOT for just those. But I guess I'm mostly just curious what the 10% being withheld is, and why, and if paid for - by whom and for what purpose. Questions I can never find out the answer to!

  2. LessWileyCoyote

    Sorry to nitpick a typo - Troy Hunt, not Tory Hunt.

    1. Phones Sheridan Silver badge

      <Lee Mack> What did you just call me???! </Lee Mack>

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