back to article China's regulator paused VMware purchase probe before desired close date

China's State Administration for Market Regulation approved Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, and also revealed it suspended deliberations on the matter on September 25 and only resumed on November 17 – beyond the October 30 date Broadcom set as its target for the deal to close. That timeline is detailed in the Administration' …

  1. Groo The Wanderer Silver badge

    Meh. Crying about the Thanksgiving weekend in the US. It isn't Thanksgiving anywhere else, and a holiday somewhere in the world is hardly a reason to put off an international business decision's implementation. Granted, Christmas layoffs are rude, but they do happen. The New Year pink slip is common when a business decides not to continue work on a project, too. It is almost like there is no good time of the year to be laid off.

    Let's face it: businesses don't make their decisions based on your comfort with the decision. You're a cog in a great machine, and individually, the odds of you actually mattering to the business are slim. Everyone is replaceable nowadays.

    And to the beancounters, you're overhead to be trimmed.

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