back to article Veteran wingman wants $1.75M from Boeing over emotional turbulence

A former Boeing employee has filed a brief for damages against the aerospace giant, seeking compensation of $1.75 million for emotional distress after allegedly suffering retaliation for speaking up against "targeting conduct" aimed at older workers. Paul Bernal claims that toward the end of a long career at Boeing, he …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Job Duties

    "After careful consideration of staff's skills, abilities, and corporate needs, we have re-organized. Bernal, old man, you're now this division's maintenance engineer. Work hard in your new role, if you want to keep your job. I want to be able to shave in my reflection off the urinals."

  2. Chris Coles

    All it needed

    All the situation needed was the creation of a small internal group of youngster employees to learn the ropes of the career from existing employees and let the aged drop off naturally. Career development driven by fear from the outset will come back to haunt Boeing in the long run.

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