back to article Nvidia intros the 'SuperNIC' – it's like a SmartNIC, DPU or IPU, but more super

Nvidia has given the world a "SuperNIC" – another device to improve network performance, just like the "SmartNIC," the "data processing unit" (DPU), and the "infrastructure processing unit" (IPU). But the GPU-maker insists its new device is more than just a superlative. So what exactly is a SuperNIC? An Nvidia explainer …

  1. Korev Silver badge

    Yeah, but can they run Crysis?

  2. Bearshark

    Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?

  3. andy 103

    Or just hardware

    Most people:

    GPU = graphics = games

    NIC = networking = Internet / LAN connectivity


    GPU = specialised algorithms = let's call it AI.

    NIC = specialised algorithms = let's call it AI.

    If you're using a GPU or NIC to do something other than render graphics or connect to a network, it no longer serves its traditional purpose. At which point you could give it any name.

    Best to just call these "specialised hardware components". Or hardware.

  4. chuckufarley Silver badge

    Not my use case...

    ...but I would love to have fiber for my home brew SAN. Alas, 10Gbs copper has to suffice. I do hope that all of this expensive and high powered hardware will have uses past the current AI phase of the market. Sometimes specialized is better but more often useful is better, at least in my opinion. I often wonder how much of the legacy hardware I have seen over the years ever found a second life being useful instead of being shipped to the third world where people inhale toxic fumes while melting things down over an open flame.

  5. Rich 2 Silver badge


    How did you manage to squeeze AI into a headline about network interfaces?

    Jeeez…. The Reg has finally lost the plot to the hype machine

    1. Catkin Silver badge

      Re: AI????

      Perhaps read the article, where Nvidia themselves are quoted as touting that use.

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