back to article Microsoft unleashes Copilot preview on Windows 10 insiders

Microsoft has begun rolling out the Windows 10 incarnation of its Copilot tool to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview Channel. The company announced the impending arrival of the AI-infused service last week, and as of last night's Insider update, the preview of Copilot has started landing onto Windows 10 22H2 Home and Pro …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    Display requirements are 720p

    If the os can cope with the display, why can't a tool running within it ... unless co-pilot itself is being embedded as a basic part of the os?

    1. EricPodeOfCroydon

      Re: Display requirements are 720p

      On the plus side, this is a good argument for using a vertical taskbar in Win10!

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Imagine Copilot taking so much resources, that would get typical Intel laptop's fans spinning like mad actually doing a lift off.

    Copilot could become a real pilot.

  3. Jan 0 Silver badge

    Real Pilot?

    It already is. Why isn't Copilot (satnav) suing Micro$oft for beelions?

  4. Snake Silver badge

    I'd like to know what kind of benefit Copilot endows

    ... that it justifies trying to embed itself in every Win10 computer.

    I don't have enough use for the technology to want it as an intrinsic part of my OS. Optional, yes. A fundamental module, No.

    "Hey Copilot, why am I such an idiot that I can't find the file in this subdirectory that I'm looking for? Can you find it for me?"

    "No Dave, I'm sorry, I can't do that. I'm spacing your useless corpse now."

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @snake - Re: I'd like to know what kind of benefit Copilot endows

      Don't worry! It's not for your benefit that Microsoft works hard.

  5. joed

    Everyone on w10 will be snapping theirs taskbar to the right to fix the "feature" that nobody'sasked for.

    Could this really be the reason why MS locked the Taskbar position in 11?

  6. 43300 Silver badge

    Even on W10 Enterprise (and Server 2022, and probbaly earlier versions) it's already there as a prominent icon in Edge, so although the desktop icon may not (yet) have appeared, those systems haven't escaped it!

  7. navarac Silver badge

    No Icon for copilot on my OS..

    Maybe 'cos it ain't Winders.

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