back to article China relents: Broadcom-VMware merger approved at last

Broadcom’s troubled acquisition of virtualization juggernaut VMware has cleared the final regulatory hurdle and will close as soon as tomorrow after China gave the transaction the green light. VMware announced today the $69 billion purchase is proceeding with just days to go before the merger agreement between the two …

  1. O RLY

    Rehashing a prior post: Requiem for a once-great

    Here lies VMware, whose corpse is on display as it is devoured by scavengers.



    I had a post script asking for a regulatory body to prevent the desecration, but, alas, it was not to be.

    Godspeed and good luck to the VMware staff affected by changes and layoffs and to the customers about to get squeezed.

  2. Hanin Elias

    Ends Become New!

    A new era at VMWare?

  3. John_3_16
    Big Brother

    Hmmmm. That is the entire story?

    Must be more to this. USA & China agree to give go ahead? We are not being given the entire story. Stock prices dropped after announcement. Investors are getting next to nothing after merger. I bet the board members are making out. Then, they always do. Will be an interesting story to follow after they merge. Caveat emptor, folks. :>)

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