back to article Samsung UK discloses year-long breach, leaked customer data

The UK division of Samsung Electronics has allegedly alerted customers of a year-long data security breach – the third such incident the South Korean giant has experienced around the world in the past two years. An email to customers, shared on social media by web security consultant and Have I Been Pwned creator Troy Hunt, …

  1. sitta_europea Silver badge

    Just Say No.

  2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge


    ...companies who, while reporting a data breach within the specified time frame from point of discovery, should also have a sliding scale of fines applied for NOT discovering it sooner.

    Were the miscreants really so clever they stayed under the radar for a whole year or was Samsungs logging, security and monitoring so poor that it was easy to stay under the radar?

  3. Charles Bu

    Doesn't surprise me

    Samsung UK is the most inept organisation I've ever worked for in terms of basic IT management. Botched rollouts, uncommunicated rollouts, no ability to handle remote v in-office (Chertsey) working smoothly, etc.

    At least til a year ago (possibly still), they couldn't even get company Outlook address books to work properly and safely: staff can't even get an address book name to pop up as an auto-suggest in an email 'to' field because of blocks IT have put on it.

    And the SEUK online store team have the most over-inflated opinions of themselves I've ever known in a digital retail business. They got lucky during the pandemic with people coming online to buy stuff and claimed the success for themselves, as if it was down to something useful they'd done.

    Continual events like this should land the UK subsidiary LT in court.

  4. X5-332960073452

    "forced into handing over their data or else functions and features on TVs and printers would be disabled"

    Try using the scanner on an newer HP printer without creating an HP account.

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