back to article YMTC accuses Micron of 'freeriding' on its 3D NAND patents

Micron is having more China-related problems after YMTC launched legal proceedings over allegations that the US memory maker is infringing on patents relating to 3D NAND technology. YMTC, or Yangtze Memory Technologies Company, filed its lawsuit against Micron at the US District Court for the Northern District of California …

  1. Bitsminer Silver badge


    I tried to wade through 10950623.

    The net net of this patent seems to me to be: each of the blocks is separated into a plurality of sub-blocks....[and this] can effectively reduce parasitic capacitance and ... and....and...

    They divided one big gate into many smaller gates.

    This is a novelty?


    1. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: pluralities

      Probably as novel as 90% of patents (especially 'software' patents).

      The significance of this is that it is a public assertion that China has patents, too. Lots of them. We're so used to the line that they 'steal our IP' that we might need reminding from time to time who's IP we're talking about.

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