back to article AWS staffer shows off the workplace that used to be a prison

With advent of the pandemic-induced work from home new normal, you may have thought office envy was a thing of the past. But an Amazon staffer seems keen to get it going again, setting social media alight with her guided tour of a prime AWS location — a one-hundred-year-old prison. Aerial view of former prison Koepelgevangenis …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    I'll order a cellphone.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Would it run BSD Jails?

      1. Korev Silver badge

        Who's on GuardDuty?

        1. steviebuk Silver badge

          Is there only SentinalOne guard on?

          ....I'll get my coat.

    2. Korev Silver badge

      Do they Blockchain their prisoners staff up?

      1. FlamingDeath Silver badge

        This casual observation of yours, while in jest, is probably closer to home than you realise.

        The marketable name blockchain certainly had me thinking of a heavy metal ball attached to a chain and clamped to someones leg.

  2. Howard Sway Silver badge

    a prime AWS location — a one-hundred-year-old prison

    It's there to act as as motivation to the distribution centre staff - if you work hard enough you might one day earn a promotion to a job in the relative luxury of a high security prison.

    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: a prime AWS location — a one-hundred-year-old prison

      Probably if they happen to commit a crime and they get caught, they could apply to a judge to take into account time served at AWS pen.

  3. Apprentice Human


    is deserved for all the bad jokes. It's bad enough being a cube-slave without highlighting the obvious.

  4. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    AWS took up residency in 2022 in a bid to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses who also rented office space in the former incarceration units.

    How is that going to support small business?

    Surely by taking space, they make less space available for others and perhaps making it also more expensive by reducing the supply.

    That's some corporate mental gymnastics.

    1. spireite Silver badge

      Re: Gymnastics

      In fairness, Amazon keeps getting rid of people so they'll give space back to the locals...

    2. ChrisC Silver badge

      Re: Gymnastics

      OTOH, if the office space is significantly underutilised and at risk of either closing entirely or needing to increase charges/reduce service levels to its existing tenants in order to remain viable, then having someone like AWS park themselves there and providing a guaranteed level of income to the space provider could well be seen as beneficial to the smaller tenants...

  5. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    If only the government allowed corporations to keep people permanently to help the economy.

  6. Blade9983

    I've heard the visibility features of AWS described as a panopticon, but this is taking the metaphor a bit far.

  7. Roj Blake Silver badge


    Does the staff canteen serve porridge for breakfast?

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