back to article Australia declares 'nationally significant cyber incident' after port attack

Australia's National Cyber Security Coordinator has described an attack on logistics company DP World as a "nationally significant cyber incident." The attack saw DP World's tech go offline at four Australian ports late last Friday. The facilities remain closed at the time of writing. The major logistics provider handles 40 …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Blame All Foreigners

    "... because foreigners always use Cambodia as a secret crime location ..."

    Thug A: "Let's knock that little old lady on the head and steal her bag."

    Thug B: "Nah, that's not right. We should smuggle ourselves into Cambodia, knock one of their little old ladies on the head, and take her bag. Then we'll smuggle ourselves back out again. All secret-like."

    Thug A: "Yeah, let's do that instead!"

  2. lglethal Silver badge

    Cambodian Scammers

    I wonder if the crackdown on Scammers in Cambodia will only go after the low hanging fruit (or only the foreigners), or will be an actual crackdown.

    If it is an actual crackdown, I again wonder if it's because of what's happening in Myanmar at the moment. For those who havent followed that, for pretty much the whole of the current civil war going on in the country between the Military and the Civil Resistance Forces, the pre-existing resistance forces in the Shan state on the border of China (who have had their own long running insurgency) have pretty much stayed out of it (perhaps helping to arm and train some of the other forces, but that's it). This is because China (who also backs the Military) has pretty much told them to stay out of it. That was, until China told the Military to shut down the Scammers targeting China from the Military held areas of Shan state. The Myanmar military refused, because it's the military (or families of high ranking generals) that are running these centres and earning millions from it (I did read billions in one report, but I find that hard to believe). Then a number of chinese citizens were killed trying to escape from one of these scam centres. And suddenly the various Shan resistance forces were no longer being held back, they basically swept through Shan State, killing a lot of the Myanmar military personnel, and now control most of Shan state. They have already handed over some of the Scam centre operators to China (and those responsible for killing Chinese citizens), and things are no longer looking quite so rosy for the Myanmar Military.

    Since Cambodia's dictator is basically propped up by China, it would be interesting to know if he viewed that action in Myanmar as an object lesson to shut down the Scammers right now.

  3. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Yahoo has exited China?

    I am shocked. Shocked.

    I had no idea Yahoo still existed. Did China, or was this move a surprise to them as well?

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